#FeatureFriday: 6.11 Ibtissam Bouziane

At the WomenTech Network, we’re fortunate to have a wonderful, global community of ambassadors who help us spread the word about our work and who helped us make the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 a success and continue helping us on or mission to unite women in tech. We would like you to meet these wonderful people as well; therefore, we’re going to be introducing you to some of our most active members.

Today, get to know Ibtissam Bouziane:

Ibtissam Bouziane is a Moroccan IT project manager living in Paris. After obtaining her high school diploma in Casablanca, Morocco, she went to France to continue her college studies and specialized in Electronic conception. However, she aspired to work in functional jobs and in project management, so she got a master's degree in Innovative project management. Her technical and functional skills allow her to facilitates communication between technical and functional teams and apprehend potential issues.

Today, she is working as a digital and technical project manager for a prepress media company: SGSCO. She is passionate about youth empowerment, entrepreneurship spirit, and Edtech. Ibtissam also has her own blog on Medium.

Data privacy and ethics are still the most relevant and biggest challenges facing the tech industry. Indeed, data is the heart of all new technologies as machine learning and artificial intelligence but this data is hardly evaluated and secured. This is why all the data in the future might be commercialized between clients and companies. 

In Ibtissam's Own Words:

  • Can women have kids and a tech career?

"How did your mom manage to deal with her family and children and keep excelling at work?" 

A person once asked me this question and I was like, "Uhh? And why couldn't she do it?" 

Then I realized that something that was so obvious for me wasn't for some people: balance between work and family for women.

I just want to say to all these young women that it's doable and that it's all about having an understanding and supportive environment. This environment includes your workplace and company and that's why the modern work ecosystem gives more consideration for working mothers needs.

I read recently an article written by Tara Goldman about her own management of her working/ mother life and how society put a pressure on these women making them feel like they face a challenge everyday. I share it with you on this post.

Nobody will say it's easy, but if we put the right ingredients together we can manage to have a good work/life balance recipe.  

  • What is the role of educators and parents?  

Parents and educators are complementary teachers in life. Education is more than just some courses in high school or college; it's about communication, organization and other soft skills. They help young people to fix their life goals and their vision of their purpose in life.

To build a more inclusive society, people need to understand the diversity of intelligence in a society. This diversity allows to build complementary skills and develop a blooming society.

  • Do women in tech need to act like men to be a successful?

Men and women are complementary human beings, that's how nature is. If women act like men, the company or society will not be developed as it should be. 

The key of success is comprehension of this other opposite and of their needs. Visions are not the same for men and women and that's the capital gain of every project, company and society in its wholeness.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020 By WomenTech Editor