ERGs and opportunities for development Enbridge

    From Interns to Experts. How Enbridge is Developing Future Women Leaders in Technology and Innovation 

    Enbridge is taking great strides towards gender diversity and women empowerment through its internship program. The program offers a variety of opportunities in different fields, including engineering, cybersecurity, and operations, to empower women by providing them with the skills and experience needed to succeed in their careers. Skills that are especially valuable for women who may face unique challenges in the workplace.

    Enbridge recognizes the importance of diversity in the workplace and actively seeks to hire women and underrepresented groups to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. The internship program is an important part of this effort, as it provides women with opportunities to get a foot in the door to a male-dominated industry. Enbridge also has multiple resource groups such as Women@Enbridge and FEMINEN, which provide a platform for women to connect and support one another.

    Here are the thoughts of two students: Hannah Ku, a current intern on Enbridge’s TIS Security Consulting team, and Madeline Crowell, a recently graduated intern who was on Enbridge’s TIS LP Operations team.

    Why did you choose Enbridge to kick-off your career?

    Hannah: When I was looking for an internship, I wanted to work at a company whose values were in line with mine. During the interview process, it was obvious that the values of Safety, Integrity, Reliability, and Inclusion were not just said, but actually acted on at Enbridge.

    Madeline: Enbridge is a large company with a significant presence in the energy industry, and I was interested in learning about how tech is used within that space. The company also has a strong reputation as an employer, with many opportunities for development.

    Enbridge is big on innovation; how do you think this will help you in your career?

    Hannah: Innovation at Enbridge challenges me to learn about new initiatives and keep up with the constantly changing landscape of IT.

    Madeline: Enbridge's focus on innovation allowed me to work on many cutting-edge technologies and find out more about emerging fields. This motivated me to keep learning and inspired my own creativity in technology.

    In what ways has Enbridge promoted the development of women in technology fields and what employee resource groups at Enbridge have helped you succeed as a woman?

    Hannah: The people in TIS have taught me so much about how to support the business and they are always willing to answer my questions or provide background on a subject that I am not well-versed in. I attended the Women at Enbridge and Allies Conference in October. It was a great event that brought attention to the importance of inclusion and taught me how to support other females in the workplace. I also attended the FEMINEN Attract Young Professionals Tour where I learned about the company’s business units and was able to network with many other Enbridge employees.

    Madeline: Enbridge has created various initiatives to support women in technology through mentorship, networking, and training. There is also an open dialogue regarding the challenges women may have faced in the workplace and how that can be improved. The overall culture at Enbridge is one that celebrates women in technology and supports their career goals.

    What roles have women in leadership at Enbridge played in helping you succeed in your career so far?

    Hannah: Many of the female leaders in the company have been open to having conversations about what their experience has been like as a minority and how they have worked to overcome their challenges. They are role models to me and have shown me how important it is to have representation at any company.

    Madeline: Seeing women in leadership positions at Enbridge was very inspiring to me. In my experience, many women leaders were passionate about supporting and empowering the women on their teams. My director during my Coop term, Nisha Thomas, was an example of a woman in leadership who always recognized me for my work and encouraged me to succeed.

    By actively promoting diversity and inclusion, Enbridge is creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. Enbridge's efforts towards women empowerment combined with its internship program is an example of how companies can take a lead in promoting gender diversity.