Rita Community Award voices Womentech network

Upon winning the esteemed Women in Tech Global Awards, more specifically the Community Award. How did it feel to be recognized for your hard work? 

I felt highly elated and thrilled to do more in and for the society at large.

Also, please share with us about your background, journey into technology, and what inspired you along the way. 

I started my IT journey with the biggest IT Distributor in Nigeria popularly known as TD Africa (Technology Distributions Ltd) as a Front Desk Executive without IT knowledge. It was there I learned about different IT products that the company distributes by responding to customers' inquiries online, while there, I had self-training to upskill myself and increase my computer knowledge and skills to help stand tall to respond to customers. This singular effort of mine stood me out in all I do and kept me on top of my job. Along the way what inspired me most was the way the management of the company recognizes my efforts to grow. *They give out awards to inspire us to do more. (I worn some and I lose some – I work harder to earn the ones I lose out on😊*) They send me available and related training when necessary to help my career growth.

Lastly, do you have any advice for other women in tech who may like to pursue a career in this field that could help them on their own journey? 

Keep thriving, upskilling yourself and ensure your network with women who are doing well in the industry and strive towards their mentorship.