Women in Tech Global Conference Voices 2022 Speaker Cosima von Kries at Nintex

    Cosima von Kries is the Director of a Solution Engineering team in EMEA and has been working as a woman in tech for almost 6 years. Driven by technology she supports businesses to improve their processes through automation and find the best way to operate more efficiently, to benefit from their digital transformation journey.

    Cosima is an active mentor for the next generation of women in tech/women in tech leadership and speaks regularly at different conferences.

    Watch Cosima's WTGC 2022 talk "The Future is Female - Advancing as a Women in Tech Leadership!", and other inspiring sessions on our website.

    Especially for the WomenTech Network, Cosima agreed to give an interview, and share her story and experience.

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    Tell us about your experience as a Women in Tech Global Conference 2022 speaker.

    It was an amazing experience. Already before the conference everything was very well organized, practice sessions were available to familiarise yourself with the platform, and I felt completely comfortable delivering the session online with zero technical issues. Not only the support but also the virtual audience was brilliant and there was no second when I felt I am talking to my wall. The chat was engaging, and my personal highlight was that a lot of people reached out on LinkedIn afterward asking questions or just giving positive feedback about my session. Great to see so many wonderful women in tech being part of that network. Thanks a lot to the incredible team behind the scenes of the Global Women in Tech conference. Without you, it wouldn’t have been such a success.

    What is your favorite thing about working in tech?

    The variety of possibilities and personal growth potential. Tech is not just Tech – There is a career path for everyone, and tech always connects people around the globe. You will never end up in a boring conversation talking with someone else out of the tech industry and you will always learn from these connections. The beauty about working in tech is that the network you build is a lifetime network where you will be always supported through your entire professional journey.

    What advice (and tips) would you give to women who want to start a tech career?

    The future is female, and we all have a bright future starting a tech career. These are my advice and tips for a confident and successful career journey:
    1. Believe in yourself and your knowledge
    2. Don’t sell yourself under your value – get salary info from e. g. LinkedIn Salary
    3. Make yourself visible
    4. Build a strong network
    5. Allow yourself to fail and grow
    6. Lead by example and trust your female intuition – It will guide you the right way

    Who would you recommend to join the WomenTech Network?

    Everyone who would love to network with highly talented women out of the tech industry. You will not only find like-minded people, you will also get access to a network that offers advice, growth opportunities, and career support.

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