WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Overview

    The electrifying energy of the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 is still alive as we keep getting so many positive reviews and “thank you“ messages from our community and beyond. 

    That’s why we decided to share with you a little bit more of the feedback and results that your infinite support helped us achieve. It’s a true testament to what unity and community can achieve. 

    We care about your feedback and are glad to say that your overall evaluation of the event was at 9.6/10 points. Here are some more numbers from the event:

    WomenTech Platform

    The purpose of the Conference was to unite, empower, inspire women in tech. We had set the target of uniting 100,000 women in tech and by the usage statistics of the web platform, with your help, we reached that goal.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Platform Results

    Participants and Partners

    We had the pleasure of hosting women and allies from all over the world during our 3-day conference. Their insightful questions and enthusiastic support made the event truly inspiring. The WTGC 2020 participants had the chance to meet and network with people from varied demographic and professional backgrounds.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Demographics_0.jpg

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Professional Background

    That same kind of diversity was reflected in our Global Ambassadors group. Their devotion helped us spread the word about the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 to unite 100,000 women in tech.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Diversity

    Our speaker’s circle was just as inclusive. Not only that, but our speakers came from different walks of life and professional backgrounds which allowed for a good mixture of inspirational, empowering, and practical talks. You can relive the event by watching their talks at womentech.net/sessions. If you bought a ticket with video access, are a recognized Global Ambassador, or have a Premium Membership, access is open to you. Just don’t forget to use the email you used to register as an Ambassador or to buy a ticket.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Speakers

    The Conference was also made possible thanks to the support of the numerous visionary companies and hopin.to who chose to lead by example and show that diversity is crucial to innovation and growth.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Partners


    The response on social media for the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 was overwhelming. We’ve had thousands of mentions, comments, shares all over LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

     WomenTech Global Conference 2020 Social

    Thank you so much for sharing with us your thoughts, impressions, favorite moments, quotes, and talks. Thank you for writing our speakers and letting them know how much their talks helped you. Here we share just a small part of the plethora of reviews. If you’d like to read more, don’t hesitate to check out #WTGC2020 on social media.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 SM Mentions 2

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 SM Mentions

    Whether you can’t wait for our next event or couldn’t attend the full conference, relive some of the magic of the day with this short video of highlights.

    WomenTech Global Conference 2020 and the Media

    WomenTech Network, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, CNet

    The WomenTech Network has caught the attention of many prominent tech media. You can read the point of view and overview of the Global Conference on Forbes here. 

    You can also experience the event through the eyes of one of our speakers, Rashi Desai, who covered the event from her point of view in this Medium article

    What’s Next

    An African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a good network to raise you career profile. We offer a variety of ways to get involved:

    Is your company looking for diverse, qualified talent? Then, we have something for you too:

    We can’t wait to create inspire, empower, and connect more women in tech through the power of community! Thank you for the support!