Ime Linus Brown

Ime Linus Brown is a certified software developer with more than 10 years of experience in building software, projects, and product management which span over a different industry that deals with technology-related products in Nigeria, Africa leaving her footprints in Maritime. She gave the talk "Striking Balance As A Career Wife and Tech Woman" during the WomenTech Global Conference 2020

Especially for the WomenTech Network, Ime agreed to give an interview to one of our Global AmbassadorsHephzibah Emereole.


  • What is the motivating force in being consistent in what you do? 

I do it anyway even if I am afraid and I stay positive even if all the situations are screaming negative, I walk into the situation with my fears and sort it out right there in my fearful situation by setting realistics goals.

The motivating force is I think of the end result I will get when I am done, will it be great or not? In order to make it great I push myself towards my goal.

  • What were the steps you took to get to this height in your career? 

By creating a career plan while praying to God, I follow my heart.

I also seek out mentorship and I ask questions about my career path, I attend seminars, webinars to get informed.

  • If married or have a family, how are you able to manage and balance both

I am married and I do have a family of four children. So I put up structure around my life and career as I stay passionate about my vision as a tech career wife and mum.

I mean I set up a plan like daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan with love at the center of it all, I forgive quickly to help me focus.Then I build a solid team with that i can call a friend anytime to talk or ask advise even hangout to clear my head.

  • What were some of the challenging circumstances you faced while pursuing a career in tech? 

I faced loads of challenges like not being accepted in a male dominant organisation, like colleagues ganging up against me because I refused to compromise my principles, of course there were times I cried and refused to show up but in all these , I refused to quit…

I picked myself up, encouraged myself and continued the journey.

  • How did you overcome male dominance pressure in the tech world and thriving despite people not believing in you?

I give them respect because I have a man at home and he is my case study, every man wants respect so I give them respect while erring my opinion and I listen to them by assuming am a man in that context.

  • What is your advice to the youths and upcoming generations? 

Just do it and follow your heart if you have intuition then use it and believe in yourself.

  • How can you earn financially while pursuing your passion? 

All you need is to monetize that passion and be patient, it will fall into place.

Hephzibah Emereole

You’re enjoying this interview thanks to our devoted Global Ambassador Hephzibah Emereole. She is studying computer science at Ashesi University, Ghana. She is passionate about technology in the aspects of front-end and data science and intends to use the skills gotten in these areas to train individuals in rural communities and support organizations and companies to manage their data.

Monday, June 22, 2020 By WomenTech Editor