Break the Stuck: Mastering Momentum to Breakthrough to a New Level of Success

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Unlocking Potential and Mastering Momentum for Success in Your Life and Work

Hello everyone! I'm Felicia Cerci, your dream life activator. I welcome you to our journey towards mastering momentum, to propel us towards higher levels of success. Remember, your dreams are here not merely for accomplishment, but for the realization and expression of your magnificence. So, let's dive in and explore ways to unlock your immense potential.

Are you in the right place?

Do you feel you are meant for much more despite having a good level of success? Maybe you work hard and although progress is evident, it is not happening as quickly as you would like. Or perhaps, you are in an occupation that you like, but it no longer sparks excitement; you are looking for a bigger challenge. Have you ever found yourself wondering how you will find something that after paying the bills, leaves some room for joy? If you resonate with any of these, this is the place where we address those questions.

Why should you take on this journey with me?

Some years back, I had also reached a point where life was good, but I longed for something more. I wanted to discover what highly successful people were doing to construct their success stories. This curiosity led me to a transformative system that I am excited to share with you all! After experimenting with this system, today, I have the honor of making meaningful contributions to thousands of people around the world while living a life that I truly love! This journey is all about not settling for just good enough but striving for greatness!

Understanding and Building your Dreams

  • You need a burning desire: An earnest desire to achieve something is what keeps you consistent and maintains your momentum. When your desire fades, your dreams start to lose color, magnitude, and you start getting stuck. Remember, every iota of increase in temperature matters!
  • Desire is life force energy itself: Your desire is not merely an individual's passion; it's the reflection of the cosmic energy's yearning for fuller expression through you.
  • Your dream is a call to action: Your dream is not merely a list of achievements; it's a call to bring tremendous growth in yourself and your surroundings. It's a thirst to transform and create.

Changing your Self-Identity and Activating your Brilliance

To conquer the world, you must begin with an internal conquest. The more you identify with your dreams and desires, the more you assume the identity of the person that you aspire to be. This helps us reach a state where we can generate positivity and feelings of fulfillment on demand, which, in turn, leads to a stream of innovative ideas and opportunities.

The Real Impact of your Dream

Your dream has the potential to transform not only your life but also positively influence people around you. In living your dream, you make your highest contribution to humanity and transform the world.

Come, join this powerful journey towards mastering momentum and unlocking the immense potential that the universe has bestowed upon you! Remember, you are not lonely dreamers; we're dreamers in unity, and together, we can create magic!

I encourage you to kick start your journey by joining our Facebook group Ultimate Life Now where I provide regular training sessions and answer your queries.

See you soon on the other side of your dreams!

Video Transcription

Welcome. I wanna welcome you to break the ST mastering momentum, to break through to a new level of success, no matter where you are and what you're building. My name is Felicia Cerci. Your dream life activator.It is my joy to be your partner in believing for whatever's coming alive for you. So right now, I want you as we kick this thing off, I want you to bring to mind that highest dream or aspiration. It's the one that hangs out on the edges of your imagination. So, Alicia, I want you to think in terms as you're building out this new initiative, you have a goal. What's the dream that when you really let yourself imagine? It just takes your breath away. It excites you and scares you all at the same time and you want a dream that does both because as you're gonna learn as we go through this, that your dream is here to actually help you wake up to even more of your magnificence. But right now bring to mind that highest dream or aspiration. The one that when you think about it, you go oh my gosh. I would love that use this amazing faculty of your imagination to really move around in it. You got it. You're meant for that. And during the next 20 minutes, I wanna walk you through a system to help you unlock and unleash this unlimited potential that is you, it is you so you can then put it in service to this dream where you're building the kind of life for several times a day.

There's a feeling that just rises up inside of you and you hear yourself saying, oh my gosh, I love my life. And so even though I can't see you, I can see the numbers raise your hand and put your hand on your heart and say I'm in for that. All right, good. I hope you did that. So here's uh yes, a uh absolutely good because uh and please forgive me if I don't say names correctly, but I've only got 20 minutes. So I am gonna jump into this. So let's make sure that you are in the right place. I want you to answer some questions to let you know if you're in the right place. So first of all, do you look around and you see that you've achieved a really good level of success yet deep down, you know, you are meant for so much more is that you do, you work really hard and, and you see the progress that you're making, but it's just not happening as quickly or as profoundly as you would like for it to happen is, uh have you studied what you're going to hear from me today?

That many people call it the laws of the universe, the law of attraction. You know, maybe you've built a vision board, maybe you've written a vision, maybe you say affirmations but, and you can see some momentum in your life, you can see some progress but nowhere near what you know, is possible for you. It may be, are you in work that you like? But it's no longer the work that just light you up, that you're actually kind of bored and you're looking for a bigger challenge. But you wonder how in the world you're gonna find something that um pays the bills the way that this uh uh job does or this work does or like Alicia, are you getting started with something that you're excited about? But you're not quite sure how it's all gonna come together and that you just want a more solid base of knowing, you know, um uh more of a guarantee that you're gonna be successful. Well, if any of those fit you, then you are in the right place over the next 20 minutes. I want to walk you through the system to help you understand.

What is it to unlock and unleash this indescribable power that it's you and moving through you in order for you to build that kind of life where several times a day truly do. You just, there's this feeling that rises up and you hear yourself saying, oh my gosh, I really do love my life. So let me tell you why you should listen to me. You know, why, why me right? And you know, uh why stick around? I have had a deep desire to serve. I've been on a mission ever since I can remember. And I worked hard at fulfilling that, that mission, my purpose. But II, I got to a point where I had only got to a certain point and it was a good point. And here's the thing outside looking in, nobody would have. Uh um I have looked at my life and said, you know, what single thing could you add to make your life better? Because outside looking in my life looked good. I mean, my life looked really good, but yet there was still a longing for something more. I was actually it was good, but I wanted more and I was tired of good enough being good enough. And so just ask yourself, are you tired of good enough being good enough?

That's when I decided that I wanted to figure out what other highly successful purpose driven people were doing to build the level of success that they had created for themselves. I began to study them and I began to study with them. And as a result of that work, I truly did discover a system that I want to share with you an abbreviated system that fundamentally allowed me to transform my life and this is what I get to bring you. So now what my life looks like is that I have the honor of serving the dreams of thousands of people around the world. My income has grown to a level where my husband retired seven years early, we live in a place that we absolutely love. I love that I get to contribute to thousands of dollars to organizations that are meaningful to me. Everything improves. But here's the thing I want you to really hear all of that is great. But the purpose of that desire for more, whatever that is, whatever brought you to this session, the purpose of it is not to achieve and to look at your life and say how great is my life, which that's definitely a part of it. But the purpose of that dream is the universe's way of waking you up to more of who you are created to be. Your dream is not to get things, it's to grow you. It's for who you become in the process. Huh? Thank you.

And this is what we're up to. All right. So let's jump into this formula. So first thing I wanna do is I wanna lay a really good foundation. Here's what I want you to know and I want you to really take this in. You are this unlimited being with unlimited capacity to create. I mean, you all are in the tech field that is such evidence of, of the human species capacity to innovate and create it's breathtaking how powerful you are. And what is that power? What is that creative capacity?

It's your thinking capacity. I love that quantum physics is now proving what spiritual masters have talked throughout the ages that what you predominantly mentally rehearse in this amazing faculty of your imagination and charge with your feelings actually has an energy to it.

There's a vibration and that vibration is literally now having a conversation with this energy field around you where there are ways of energy hanging out in what quantum physics calls superposition and in some fantastical way, what you are predominantly mentally rehearsing what you're predominantly imagining and this faculty of your imagination and you are charging with your feelings becomes the attractive force that attracts things to you and becomes the organizing pattern.

It becomes the program for what you're the, the um the pattern that your life takes on. It's a basic explanation of the law of attraction, which is actually a secondary law because the real law is the law of vibration. We've all heard this and there's a reason why we're, we hear it because it's, it's, it's based in uh it's based in truth. And imagine if you really got this, how much attention and dedication you would give to learning how to use this capacity effectively. And you would then dedicate your life to the holiest, most powerful, precious of all questions. And I want you to write this down, which is what would I love? What would I love? What would I love to do have give be, what would I love? Understanding that it is love itself, seeking to express a richer, free or fuller expression through you and by means of you. All right. So I want you to bring back to mind those of you that were here at the beginning and those of you that are new, start imagining that dream that just lights you up. Now, it's right about at this point where people start talking about uh um limiting beliefs, stopping you. It's like, oh my gosh, this is where my blocks come in.

This is where I have to deal with my limiting beliefs, limiting beliefs are definitely a showstopper, but that's not what's happening right now. When you feel yourself starting to water down your dream, what you're doing is that you're actually watering down your desire. Here's the thing, you have to have a burning desire for something in order to stay consistent, to have the steam required to stay in action, to stay in momentum when things um you know, may not be going exactly the way that you want them to go. But what happens is that when you start dreaming something really big and expansive, there's that part of your brain that starts going to times when you tried to do something in the past that it didn't work. You know, what do you have to lose? Who are you gonna leave behind? And all of that starts watering down that, that ignition of desire. This is when you start slowing your momentum down, you start getting dis discouraged, you start getting frustrated and you get stuck. Think of it this way when we have water at the temperature of 211 °F and 99 °C. For international folks, you have really hot water. Think about what happens when it flips 1 212 °F 100 °C. That water is now boiling the power of that, that one degree difference is that now you've had what's called a phase change where water turns to steam and you're now able to harness that steam and light up entire cities. That one degree difference makes all the difference.

When it going for your dream, it makes the difference between kind of sort of going for your dream, a plane full out and giving it everything required. So the question is, are you at a 212 degree um level of desire? So now we have to look at if that's the case, then how do you build your desire? Number one, understand where that desire is coming from. That desire is not your desire. That is life force energy, seeking a richer for your fuller expression. Through you. That is actually life dreaming its dream through you. You're just the vessel folks, ladies, you're just receiving that dream, the more you're able to own that you are receiving a dream from this life force energy, the more you're able to claim it and work with the second element of this, which is working with that question, what would I really love and really let yourself hear the answer to that.

Now, as you begin to craft and when I am able to work with people in a much longer capacity, we really dig into this element because it's foundational to everything. I mean, think about your programming, you have to have a solid program and you have to think about it before you launch it. Same thing with your dream. You have to have a good program of a vision in your mind before you launch it. Otherwise you don't know what direction to take. All right. So now as you're working with this vision and what would you love understanding that it is life itself wanting you to live that dream? Now you begin, thank you Anusha. Now you begin to um start uh working with beliefs and doing what's called building a bigger believing. But what you're actually doing is building a greater identification. You're great building a greater self identity. Here's the thing you will never go beyond, you will never um perform beyond or, or receive beyond the way you see yourself you will never outperform the way you see yourself right now, you have an image that's a perfect match for your current results. Remember, the purpose of your dream is to help you grow into an even greater version of yourself. So your dream then um informs who you need to grow into. Now, there's a very specific way that you can tap into that.

You do a process what I call zip yourself into the skin of the woman who already achieved this dream. You do it by asking a couple of different questions. Number one, if it all worked out, how would I feel? You would feel? Amazing, grateful, joyous. Now, you have this amazing superpower in addition to being able to being able to use your imagination the way that you want it too. You can actually generate feelings that you wanna feel even if your world is telling you that that's not the way that you should be feeling that in any given moment, you can generate gratitude on demand. You can generate joy on man. You can generate a deep sense of fulfillment on demand. The second thing that you're working with in order to, to become the woman who achieved the dream before a single thing in your world changes is that then you ask the question as the woman who did this? How do I show up at this training? How do I make a sandwich? How do I make the phone call? You're gonna be somebody, no matter what the activity is, you're gonna be somebody, you're either gonna be the woman who created your same old, same old results or you're gonna be that woman who's claiming the success.

Now, the reason this is so important is because you're doing a process that's called generate state. You're generating a state a being when you put on, when you literally zip yourself under the skin of the woman who achieved the dream before a single thing changes, you literally light up different areas of your brain. You think differently. You now have access to whole new levels of creativity and possibility and a stream of inspiration that's always guiding you. Now, there's a way that you can intentionally tap into this. Number one, you can work with the question. If I truly believe that my dream was possible, what is the action step I would take? That's a very different action step than if you um are thinking from. I hope this happens. I'm wishing this will happen. You will get different ideas. If you work with the question, if I really believed this was possible, what's the action I would take? And you write down every single action idea that comes to you. Second question to work with. Again, we're in the steps. So first you're designing your dream and then you're building a bigger believing and now we're doing what's called activating your brilliance and in the step of activating your brilliance. You're asking if I believe that it was um, this was possible, here's what I would do.

And then the second question to work with, what can I do where I am with what I have ladies. It's crazy how resourced we are but we can't see it thinking from same old, same old when you're working with the technology question. You know, there's an answer otherwise you wouldn't stay with the question. It's the same thing with this. You wanna know there's an answer. What can I do where I am with what I have? Because it will cause you to see ideas and possibilities in whole new, different ways that will actually help you continue to move your initiative forward and then it's just rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. But it's the rigor. It's, it's what it's the rigor that's required for you to stay faithful to that dream, stay faithful to the identity and to stay faithful to the action when your world is not necessarily catching up just yet. All right. So let me share with you the story about Kelly met Kelly a couple of years ago. Kelly was highly successful in her, in her field. She had reached the, the the pinnacle where she could go very well respected. But every time she walked into work, she checked her soul at the door, she just was so done with it. But the problem was she was the breadwinner and she was also holding um, the, the benefits and insurance. Nevertheless, her and I had a conversation.

She allowed me to help her. We got started really digging into everything that you heard here today. And she has built out this amazing work that allows her to be at home pre-covid. She takes her families on uh family adventures every month. She works less and doubled her income. Let me say that again. She works less and doubled her income. So, what's the story we're telling about you? All right. So every single one of you has a dream. I know you have a dream. You're here. And so one of the ways that I would love to be able to support you is that I have a Facebook group where every week I go in and I do a training and Patrice, if you would put the link up for the Facebook group in the chat that every, every week I go in and I do a training, I do an ask me anything.

I do longer trainings. I answer your questions, my gift. It's just my way of uh serving you in your dream. And so if you would, um, like to plug in and let me wrap my arms around you and look you in the eye several times a week. And with an unwavering belief that the very fact that you have the desire is evidence that you have everything required to bring it into form then come hang out with us ultimate life. Now, in our Facebook group, it would be my honor uh to be able to serve you with that. Yeah. Absolutely. Simone, I mean, just feel my virtual hug around you. All right. So in the last 60 seconds, uh Alfred Adler fame psychologist once said that he gave thanks for the idea that sought to use him. Here's the thing I want you to walk away with. I give thanks for the dream that seeks to use you. Here's the thing when you say yes to what brings you most alive? Absolutely. You are served. You are blessed. And the thing I want you to get is that this is truly how you bring your highest contribution to the body of humanity. Your, you living your dream is your highest gift, your highest service that you can bring to everyone around you. And I give thanks for your yes, your power, your service as you step into what brings you most alive.

Truly, this is the way that we would transform the face of the planet. I have been so honored to hang out with you all. You are amazing. And I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group. God bless.