At Amazon, devices are designed to be a fully integrated end to end media service.

When Kindle was introduced in 2007, as a device and service together, it became synonymous with digital reading. More than 10 years later, the team continues to evolve the reading experience for Kindle customers. The DS2 teams are revolutionizing how people access content through e-readers, Alexa, tablets and FireTV. The DS2 global team supports the full device portfolio including Blink Cameras and Ring Doorbells. Join us to help solve connectivity, scalability and device distribution at Amazon scale.

What makes your company unique?

We don’t wait for the next big thing.  
We invent and simplify. We do the  impossible. We find new ways to  transform our customers’ lives. So join 
us and together we can build the  future. One idea, one service, and one innovative product at a time.

#Earth's most Customer Centric company