CEO at ExO Works
Emilie Sydney-Smith

Emilie is CEO of ExO Works, helping large companies like Visa, HP, P&G and BHP to emulate the world’s fastest growing companies. Under her leadership, the company tripled booked revenue in the first year.

She draws from her track record in helping build a startup to a $300 million valuation over 2 years. She also spent a decade in private equity, evaluating the growth potential of around 100 business opportunities per annum. That gave her a deep understanding of the patterns that make a business likely to thrive or fail.

Emilie is also a consistently highly-rated keynote speaker, panelist and workshop leader. Since the start of 2019, she has spoken for clients and at conferences in Bahrain, Bangkok, Boston, Budapest, Cape Town, Dallas, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Paris, Perth, Sao Paolo, Silicon Valley, and Sydney.

* Futurist strategic planner for exponential organizations with resourceful, action-oriented approach.
* Solid history of generating imaginative, commercially-successful solutions.
* Enthusiastically steps up to any challenge, honest, inspires others, trusted to excel.
* US Greencard holder (winner of US Greencard Lottery).

Specialties: Transformational 10X innovation, coaching, private equity, technology transfer, oil and gas production project development, infrastructure, keynote speaking, disruptive technologies, strategic planning, corporate relations, investor relations, team development, government liaison, community relations, marketing, capital raising, logistics, energy research, investment analysis, energy competition reform, change management, consulting, project leadership.