Career Talks WTGC2023

    We are pleased to embark on a journey of insightful talks from past editions of the Women in Tech Global Conference. In this article, we'll shine a light on the theme of "Finding Your Next Job in Tech: Career Insights and Strategies." These sessions have been a source of invaluable knowledge, offering practical guidance and effective strategies for navigating the ever-evolving tech industry. Join us as we delve into the wisdom shared by industry experts, providing a compass for women in tech to advance in their careers and succeed in the dynamic world of technology.

    We are delighted to kickstart the conversation with a dynamic panel of speakers from the University of Arizona, moderated by Dr. Karen Ivy, who brings a wealth of experience in both academia and industry. Dr. Ivy, the Technology Studies Department Chair at the University of Arizona Global Campus, is a lifelong learner with a diverse educational background spanning business, technical, marketing, and management studies.

    With over three decades of experience in aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology, Dr. Ivy has a proven track record in technology leadership and innovation. She is not only a seasoned public speaker but also a catalyst for change in our society, and her passion for education and leadership shines through.

    In this fireside chat, we explore the importance of personal branding in the competitive IT field and learn how to stand out and connect with professionals in the industry. Dr. Ivy and the panel guide us through the steps to develop a strong personal brand for a successful career in technology. Join us to discover the significance of a robust personal brand, what it entails, and the essential steps in crafting your personal brand for a successful career in the tech industry.

    Our journey through personal branding continues with Monique Montanino, a tech sales and marketing expert with an impressive career. Monique's book, "Clicks, Tricks, and Golden Handcuffs," earned her recognition as a conference speaker at prominent events like WomenTech Network and Women in Tech Summit. She's been lured by the allure of cash bonuses, stock options, and pensions during her 18-year tenure at Fortune 500 companies, leading to an early retirement as a tech sales executive.

    Monique, who splits her time between Seattle and Austin, founded Resumé Tech Guru and holds certifications in executive coaching. In her talk, "Becoming a Tech Executive Recruiter Click Magnet," she unveils the secrets of attracting tech executive recruiters and fine-tuning your personal brand. Learn the importance of personal branding, establishing your unique point of view, and developing your brand to become a recruiter magnet.

    Turning our attention to the technical interview process, we are delighted to feature insights from Teresa Wu, Vice President of Software Engineering. Drawing from her extensive background and rich experiences on both sides of the interviewing table – as an interviewer and an interviewee – Teresa offers invaluable perspectives on the intricacies of the interview journey. Her talk dives into the arduous nature of interviews, shedding light on her personal successes and lessons learned from failures.

    Teresa's comprehensive discussion extends from the initial steps of crafting a compelling resume to a deep analysis of the criteria that companies are seeking across various technical backgrounds, whether you're aspiring to be a junior, senior, or lead engineer. Moreover, her presentation goes beyond the interview room, touching on strategies to improve your professional portfolio and the crucial reminder that one's career transcends the boundaries of daily work. Teresa's insights encompass the holistic nature of personal and professional development in the tech industry, making her session a must-attend event for aspiring and seasoned tech professionals alike.

    If you found these enriching insights from our journey through past Women in Tech Global Conference sessions valuable and are eager to continue your exploration of career growth in the tech industry, we wholeheartedly encourage you to join us at the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024. This exceptional event offers a unique platform for learning, networking, and drawing inspiration from esteemed tech professionals.

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