Linda Patterson Women in tech global awards 2023

    Reflecting on My Journey

    Reflecting on your recognition as a Women in Tech Global Awards 2023 winner, could you describe your journey to this achievement in your specific award category? What does this recognition signify for you personally and professionally, and how does it encapsulate your contributions to the tech industry? 

    My journey to this achievement started with a passion for professionally developing women, helping each other to maximize their potential.  Thus, over the years, I have conducted sessions for women that focus on improving their self-esteem and business etiquette as well as teaching them to be not just goal-setters but goal-getters.  In addition, my challenges as a woman in leadership, and an African-American woman in leadership, encouraged me to become an advocate for the progression of women.  When the opportunity became available at my organization to co-sponsor the Women of Pyramid (parent company of GenSpark) ERG, I welcomed the use of my transparency, skills, and abilities to help women to uniquely be themselves, embrace their greatness, and grow. 

    For me personally and professionally, I am afforded the opportunity to fulfill a passion while helping women to grow professionally.  My organization is dedicated to tech staffing and workforce solutions.  The icing on the cake is extending myself to women in a field, technology, which is often avoided by us.  Daily, I operate within a “synergized career”.  I have the opportunity to take my IT leadership background and experience, couple it with my passion for development, and intertwine both with giving back to underrepresented populations, and this includes women. 

    Tech Industry's Most Rewarding Aspects

    In your experience, what is the most rewarding aspect of working in the tech industry, and how has it influenced your career path? 

    The most rewarding aspect of working in the tech industry is building high-performing teams that drive technology solutions to business problems.  At the essence, is the value added delivered.  This has influenced my career path by allowing me the opportunity to develop others in a technical and business fashion and closing the gap between IT and the customer community it serves.  I like connecting the dots and driving solutions. 

    My Tech Career Milestone

    Could you share a defining moment or a key achievement in your tech career that has been particularly impactful or meaningful to you?

    A key achievement in my tech career was serving as CIO for a small community hospital.  It was most impactful and meaningful because, with the help of my team, we were able to totally flip its credibility, and was seen as a valuable entity to the organization.  Changing the reputation of your IT department and how they are seen by the organization is not an easy feat. 

    Empowering Women in Tech: Career Advice and Tips

    From your experience, what essential advice and practical tips would you offer to women aspiring women in tech to establish a successful career? 

    My essential advice is to know that not all IT roles are deeply technical.  There are plenty of non-technical roles where your expertise is needed.  Be your authentic self, know and understand your interests, and find the tech career that best suits you.  Don’t let the word “technology” prevent you from pursuing an IT career as other skills are needed in the tech industry. Practical Tips:  1) Know how to share technical information in non-technical terms; 2) Building relationships with your customers and holding them accountable for their part is key to driving sound IT solutions; 3) Always know and communicate the value added by implementing an IT solution

    Who would you recommend to join the WomenTech Network, and why?

    I would recommend a best girlfriend who works in IT roles as a project manager, consultant, etc.  She would greatly benefit from making connections with other women in the network.