why attend the women in tech global conference 2024

    Amid the constant buzz of the tech world, where success hinges on innovation, the Women in Tech Global Conference (WTGC) is a game-changer for professionals thriving in this dynamic landscape. As we celebrate the 5th annual edition, we have prepared an impressive lineup of empowering speakers, adding an extra layer of inspiration and insight. 

    Explore these five compelling reasons why attending the conference is essential for those seeking to propel their careers in the dynamic and competitive tech industry.

    What is The Women in Tech Global Conference

    The Women in Tech Global Conference is a key event designed to empower women in the tech industry, featuring over 500 speakers from leading companies like Microsoft, Opendoor, Meta, and more. It covers essential topics such as leadership, digital transformation, and diversity. This virtual-first conference aims to unite women, minorities, and allies through interactive sessions, including keynotes, panels, and workshops on software engineering, UX design, and cloud technologies. It provides a platform for networking, skill acquisition, and insight into the latest industry trends, blending virtual and in-person experiences for global participants. 

    Five Reasons to Attend the Women in Tech Global Conference:

    1. Learn from Industry Giants

    The Conference assembles an extraordinary lineup of industry titans and thought leaders, including notable speakers like Lakecia Gunter, CTO and VP, Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft, Maxine Williams, Chief Diversity Officer at Meta, Kate Prouty, Chief Information Officer at  Akamai Technologies, Subha Tatavarti, Chief Technology Officer at Wipro and Senior Engineering Leaders from companies like JPMorgan, Cisco, Adobe, Google, Intuit, Lyft, Okta and many more. Participants get not just a wealth of knowledge, but also the chance to see influential women in tech share insights and experiences that have deeply influenced the industry. 

    The agenda is meticulously curated, offering a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and strategies that define success in the competitive tech landscape. 

    Beyond captivating presentations, attendees can engage in illuminating Q&A sessions and intimate discussions in a dynamic learning environment. This direct interaction with seasoned professionals, allows for a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the industry, providing valuable perspectives that can be directly applied to one's career trajectory. 

    2. Network Your Way Up!

    In the tech world, making connections is crucial for progress. The conference excels in offering meaningful networking opportunities, where you can meet like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential partners. It goes beyond mere chitchat; the event is designed to foster deep relationships that can significantly benefit your career.

    By engaging with this network, you have the opportunity to collaborate, seek mentorship from seasoned professionals, and delve into the intricacies of various tech sectors. The influence of such networking can stretch well beyond the conference itself, paving the way for career advancement and new business ventures.

    3. Boost Your Tech Confidence

    Women are still a minority in the tech industry, so keeping your confidence up is an ongoing challenge. The conference serves as a boost, offering a welcoming space to celebrate the successes and tackle the hurdles women face in tech. Despite making up about 27% of the workforce, the presence and contributions of women are highlighted, helping to shake off feelings of doubt and boosting confidence.

    The event features workshops and panels tailored to the specific obstacles women encounter, including the gender pay gap and scarce leadership representation. These sessions provide practical tips for overcoming professional obstacles. Hearing from others who've faced similar challenges and succeeded gives attendees the tools and confidence they need to excel and make their mark in the tech industry.

    4. Skill Up with Focused Workshops 

    The conference goes beyond just theory; it's a place where you can seriously boost your skills. Its workshops tackle a wide range of tech topics, making sure you walk away not just motivated but also armed with practical abilities. These hands-on sessions are designed for you to start using what you learn right away, boosting your career skills. Whether you're aiming to improve in your current job or switch to a different tech field, the conference workshops are tailored to help you learn exactly what you need. Just one of many examples, in last year's edition, our participants got a step-by-step guide on how to ask for a remuneration raise, highlighting effective and practical tips and tricks.

    5. Turn Your Inspiration into a Career Plan

    Success stories can significantly fuel people's ambitions and encourage them to reach new heights. The conference features a selection of speakers who share their personal experiences, victories, and the valuable lessons they've learned throughout their careers. These stories do more than just inspire; they serve as practical guides, offering actionable insights for attendees planning their professional journeys.

    Listening to women who've faced and conquered challenges in the tech industry provides a blueprint for resilience, innovation, and strategic decision-making. When these inspirational stories accumulate, they can spark the creation of a concrete career plan, transforming inspiration into actionable steps. This makes the narratives not only motivational but also instrumental in helping attendees approach their careers with renewed determination, equipped with strategies to break barriers and make their inspiration truly actionable.

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    Testimonials about The Women in Tech Global Conference: 

    “The Women in Tech Global Conference is an event that caters to all levels and all focuses – from students who are still figuring out their focus and career interests to senior executives who are responsible for revenue goals and product ship dates. I also very much appreciate that Women in Tech addresses both hard skills related to technology and soft skills focused on people management. Beyond listening to speakers, this conference has so many opportunities to meet other like-minded people in the technology industry. Building a strong network of women is key in the technology industry.” - Deirdre Toner, Managing Director AWS Worldwide Data Specialists 

    “I would advise anyone, regardless of their gender, to attend the conference to learn about advancements in the tech industry and take advantage of the opportunity to engage in dialogue about what is top-of-mind for leaders from various companies while building their networks because there is strength in the community.” - Dr. Diana Allen, Senior Technology Program Manager at Google 

    “Any woman looking to learn from other strong women would benefit from the Women in Tech conference. I would advise younger women who may not have as many women leaders in their lives to attend so they can listen and learn from people like myself. I would also advise women leaders to attend because we should always be learning and helping each other.” -Jackie Palmer, VP Product and Industry Marketing at Demandbase 

    As the tech industry continues to evolve, the Women in Tech Global Conference remains at the forefront, championing diversity, inclusion, and excellence. Attendees emerge not just with a certificate of participation but with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with the tools and connections to shape the future of tech. If you are craving to advance your career and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the industry, mark the Conference on your business calendar, April 23-25.

    To make your attendance even more seamless, we offer group tickets and compelling reasons to convince your manager of the invaluable benefits this conference will bring to both your professional growth and the organization's success.

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