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    Many companies claim to prioritize diversity and inclusion. However, true commitment goes beyond publishing trendy articles or making superficial changes. It involves the genuine planning and execution of impactful initiatives that foster a more inclusive environment, enhance employee engagement, and boost overall satisfaction.

    This roundup highlights nine exceptional companies that are not just talking the talk but are actively walking the walk. These organizations have implemented innovative diversity and inclusion programs, setting new standards for what it means to create a truly inclusive workplace. Their efforts not only promote equality but also drive meaningful change, making a positive impact on their employees and the broader community. 


    Akamai’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplified through its robust Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which boast more than 2,000 members collectively. The company’s internal Women’s Leadership Programs, such as Stand Tall in India and LeaderShe in Poland, embody the “One Akamai” spirit by fostering collaboration, support, and engagement. These programs are designed to help women leaders overcome obstacles and develop essential leadership skills. Additionally, Akamai's DE&I initiatives include the Akamai Technical Academy, which saw over 3,700 learners enroll in its first six months, achieving 33 certificate completions and an impressive 4.94 out of 5 rating. The Global Women's Forum is another impressive DE&I effort, with 1,000 members, serving as a dedicated space for raising awareness, sharing challenges, offering advice, and providing education to help advance women's careers within the company.


    Huron has been recognized for its exceptional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, receiving awards from Consulting magazine in two categories. One of the standout initiatives is the "Women in Leadership Summit," which offers future women leaders opportunities for enhanced networking, professional and leadership development, improved retention, and building strong relationships with the firm's senior leadership. Additionally, Huron's "Protégé Sponsor Program" was honored in the Retaining Female Talent category. This sponsorship program plays a crucial role in supporting and retaining female talent within the company, further showcasing Huron's dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace for women.


    Kyndryl Inclusion Networks are employee-driven and company-supported groups focused on shared identities, including race, gender, sexual identity, and disability. These networks promote an inclusive and engaging atmosphere for their members, advocating for their respective communities and enhancing professional development. They also serve as valuable assets to the company through community outreach, recruiting efforts, and support of business goals.

    Participation is open to all employees, regardless of their background. These networks operate at both the enterprise and country levels and include groups for Asian Americans, Black individuals, Hispanic-Latinos, LGBTQ+, Native/Indigenous/First Nations, People with Disabilities/Neurodiversity, Race/Ethnicity/Veteran status (specific to country), and Women.


    Luxoft is dedicated to increasing gender equality within the company and encouraging more women to enter the IT industry. The Diversity and Inclusion Group is the core of their workplace celebrations of diversity, including diversity days and weeks, as well as other awareness-increasing efforts.

    Launched in February 2020, their global group ‘She’s In IT’ has brought together 400 women within the company who are committed to delivering exceptional results for their customers, accelerating Luxoft’s growth, and enhancing local communities by empowering women. Luxoft also hosts webinars and interviews with women in leadership positions to share their experiences and insights.


    NetApp is committed to enhancing demographic, physical, and cognitive diversity. Embracing a culture of diversity means creating opportunities for equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging (DEI&B) every day. NetApp’s inclusive culture fosters a strong community empowered to innovate.

    A standout initiative is their NetAbled program, which provides advocacy and support for people with both visible and invisible disabilities. NetAbled collaborates with DEI&B, as well as other enterprise groups, to promote inclusive practices that ensure equity, accessibility, and education. Other notable ERGs are Women in Technology (WIT), VIBE (Visionaries Inspiring Black Excellence),  Unidos @ NetApp (Latin Americans & Hispanic), NetAsia, and more.

    New Relic

    Employee Resource Groups are at the heart of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at New Relic. These employee-led communities offer opportunities for new connections, team building, and specialized programming, and are open to all employees.

    The Rainbow Relics group provides networking, continuous learning, and exchanges that benefit LGBTQ+ team members, enhance business results, and improve the workplace environment and hiring practices. Additionally, New Relic emphasizes the fair inclusion of women through Women@New Relic, a group dedicated to creating safe spaces and advocating for the vibrant and diverse community of women within the company.

    NTT Data

    NTT DATA is determined to tackle significant challenges such as unconscious biases, discrimination, and systemic barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. For over 20 years, NTT DATA has been dedicated to empowering female employees and supporting their career growth. To help women whose careers are often impacted by life events remain active in the workforce, NTT DATA offers a variety of training programs designed to support and advance their careers. Their efforts are centered on sessions about the active roles of women in society and business at the "NTT DATA Global Conference," where leaders from around the world gather. They strive for a future where the phrase "women's initiative" is no longer needed.


    Stellar Women is a vibrant and inclusive Relativity community that empowers women to harness the power of technology to thrive – both at work and in life. They are committed to advancing women’s careers, promoting gender equity, and celebrating their achievements together. In the spotlight of the community is the spectacular Stellar Women podcast, which celebrates the extraordinary journeys of women in legal technology. Inspired by their podcast, the Innovation Award for Stellar Women recognizes those who go above and beyond their job descriptions to make the industry equitable for all genders.


    Synopsys places significant importance on DE&I practices and strives to create a more equitable environment. They achieve this by partnering with organizations such as the GSA Women's Leadership Council and TechWomen (an initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs), and by running various ERGs. 

    One of their most notable groups is The Very Inclusive Black Employee (VIBE) Network, which is dedicated to cultivating a business environment that attracts, mentors, develops, and encourages Black employees to reach their full potential. VIBE strives to engage with, strengthen, and transform local communities while inspiring a new generation of technology leaders. VIBE's mission is to create an environment of inclusion and awareness, foster positive community engagement, and positively impact Synopsys' business goals.

    In conclusion, companies that once seemed to take bold risks by prioritizing diversity and inclusion are now reaping substantial rewards. According to reports by McKinsey, D&I Global Market Report, and PeopleManagement, these companies see a 2.5x higher cash flow per employee. Inclusive teams are over 35% more productive, and diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. These statistics underscore the tangible benefits of fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. By continuing to implement actionable DE&I initiatives, companies not only create equitable opportunities but also drive significant business success. If your company lacks DEI initiatives, consider partnering with WomenTech Network to enhance your diversity and inclusion strategies.