Why would you enjoy this new opportunity? 

The VMware Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform allows companies to make it easy for employees to work anywhere, any time, on any device, without compromising security. But making things easy for our customers is extremely challenging for us, so we are looking for unique thinkers of varying backgrounds that want to take on such complex, highly technical, customer-impacting challenges. We, the UEM team, have a large customer base that spans across industry verticals including most of the Fortune 500 companies. That means that the work you do here has a broad, measurable impact on the businesses and communities that these customers represent.  

We also want to help you have a positive impact on the community and the environment, whether through the Power of Differences (PODs) groups, various environmental improvement initiatives, matching donations to qualified non-profits or time off for volunteering. And we want to have fun along the way, both while you are making a difference for our customers and for your community. We use a wide range of technologies such as .NET Core/C#, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure, Linux/Windows, MSSQL Server, Postgres, Elasticsearch and Redis, just to name a few. And we have a large catalog of internal and external training content that you can leverage, if you need to brush-up on something you know or to learn something new.  

Did we mention that you get to choose a top-of-the-line Windows or MacBook laptop? 

What is the primary need, technical challenge, or problem you will be responsible for? 

The Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) product known as Workspace ONE continues to be industry leading in terms of customer adoption, capabilities and innovation. As a result of that success and of our customer's expectations, we are currently working to help customers not just with managing devices but also to help migrate from their existing device management systems to Workspace ONE. This effort involves migrating device policies, groups, patches and other configuration assets. 

Adding to the challenge, we are doing this while 'keeping the lights-on' for customers using the current platform version in their production environments. We are looking for a senior software engineer who can thrive in such an environment and help us execute this vision. You should have experience shipping production applications, the ability to identify the right tools and technologies for the problem being addressed and understand the implications of technology choices on day-two operational challenges. We have high engineering standards and we want you to help make us better. 

Success in the Role: What are the performance goals over the first 6-12 months you will work toward completing? 

Success in the role is defined by the ability to consistently create high quality code that addresses the business requirement, and is well tested, performant and maintainable.  

* You will develop a solid understanding of the platform and functionality it supports in the context of the larger platform. This would be demonstrated by your ability to deliver features and fix bugs, proficiency in handling production escalations and becoming a significant contributor to one or two key services. 

* You will collaborate with your team members to come up with solid and effective designs as well as be able to independently implement the designs, provide good coverage through automated tests and tune services for performance requirements 

* You will be a practitioner of DevOps by building automated CI/CD pipelines for testing, packing, delivering and monitoring the services 

* You will help improve code quality and the adoption of best practices by doing constructive code reviews 

What type of work will you be doing? What assignments, requirements, or skills will you be performing on a regular basis? 

Most of your time will be spent writing high-quality code based on engineering team coding standards that include excellent test coverage using C#. You will also be working on features using Angular framework. You can expect to be the owner and take accountability for the quality of your code. You will need to become very familiar with the market we operate in and problems the product addresses. Understand the challenges and limitations of the existing system.  

You will contribute to refactor and redesign efforts that involve driving order-of-magnitude performance improvement in services while ensuring they are extensible to support innovative new use cases. You are also expected to maintain and develop appropriate technical and professional skills which will you to drive innovation within the platform. 

What is the leadership like for this role? What is the structure and culture of the team like? 

The hiring manager for this role is Kalyan Regula. He is a veteran engineering manager of the software industry with experiences in building and deploying enterprise applications catering simple to complex customer use cases. He has led software development teams to create enterprise solutions for device management supporting operating systems including iOS, macOS, Android, Chrome, and Windows 10.  

Kalyan believes that the success of a team depends on understanding the perspectives, collaborating on ideas, respecting individual experiences and building consensus. He tries to build an open working environment where team members are encouraged to learn, participate and contribute without the fear of failure by status, code review, self-published contents, demos, etc., which not only improve the entire team’s ability, but also benefit the individual’s personal growth.