Who we are

If you are looking to have an impact on the world, then read carefully because at Choco, we are moving mountains to transition the world into sustainable food systems. The food industry is an industry with essential problems, especially in food-supply-chain. We are now leveraging technology to bring change and start the necessary transformation the industry is craving for. We are building the digital platform on which the global food trade will operate. Our company has the potential to reduce food prices, decrease food waste by 30% and reshape one of the oldest and largest industries on the planet. 

In 2018 we entered the market with our chat-based ordering app and had drastically changed the way businesses work and order with their suppliers. Therefore, we are looking for more Chocorians who share our vision and want to join our journey here in Berlin. Our founders have helped build companies such as Zalando (IPO’d), Lazada (sold to Alibaba) and Foodora (sold to DeliveryHero). We have just raised one of the largest Series A funding rounds in European history. 

Technology is at the core of our work. We are product-minded builders, architects, coders, bug-hunters and designers. We deliver the needed change via our mobile and web apps using cutting-edge tools, modern engineering practices and always keeping software quality on our radar. We hire the right people and work with the right tools to stay on top of the technology game.

Join us in leading the world’s transition to sustainable food systems.

What you will do

Here at Choco, we like to use the space shuttle as a metaphor for our engineering work. Now, you will join and help us bring the shuttle to the moon. As a Lead Architect, your primary objective will be to ensure overall architectural quality, providing guidance in the adaptation of strong engineering practices, ensure efficient scaling of our systems, move the team closer to engineering excellence, and facilitate the delivery of quality software products. You will be a technical mentor, a consultant and a cultural contributor at the same time. While you will not directly manage people, you will interact a lot with different stakeholders from backend, frontend, QA, infrastructure and product areas.

On a daily basis you will: 


Work with our engineering team to enhance its event-driven microservice architecture inside of the AWS-ecosystem in order to help our web and mobile products give the best experience to its users. 

Discover, incept and drive strategic technical projects arching over several cross-functional product teams.

Influence the organization’s engineering strategy. Bring interests of engineering and the company together.

Architect services using well-accepted patterns to allow autonomous development and future scaling.

Touch and improve different areas of our application, let it be backend, infrastructure, CI/CD, security, tooling or related engineering processes.

Act as a functional expert, a go-to person, an impact-multiplier, an enabler and as a troubleshooter when needed.

Share your knowledge, develop expertise in our product and grow with your team to become an even greater engineer. Mentor other engineers and support them to acquire both wide and deep technical knowledge.

Have a lot of fun, working within our team :) 

Our tech stack in Engineering:

We have a cutting-edge environment and use NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS DynamoDB and our infrastructure is powered by AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, AWS AppSync, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline and AWS S3. 

We use React, TypeScript, micro frontends architecture, Jest, Styled Components for our web frontend. Our mobile apps are written in Kotlin and Swift and we utilize AppSync with GraphQL.

What you will need to have an impact with us

  • 10+ years of professional hands-on experience as a senior, lead engineer, or architect in complex development projects. 
  • Technical background primarily with NodeJS, but we also appreciate a polyglot approach. Strong familiarity with frontend technologies and modern frontend frameworks OR mobile technologies
  • Strong experience with complex microservices, event-driven architecture, integrations and developing APIs
  • Very deep knowledge in system designs and software architectures
  • Proven experience with cloud providers and in building resilient and scalable infrastructure with serverless AWS/GCP. Previous experience in defining and building up CI/CD pipelines to support development.
  • Know how to write clean code, apply design patterns and unit testing
  • Ability to drive the technical vision of a 50+ engineering organisation and driving business critical projects. 
  • Ability to identify, articulate issues and take ownership for delivering practical solutions, while prioritizing tasks effectively.
  • Outstanding communication and influencing skills combined with empathy and eagerness to share and develop others
  • Good learning ability, open-mindedness and good self-organizational skills will be absolutely key to the success of your work and the business overall. 

You will impress us even more if you have

  • Production experience in TypeScript
  • Experience with GraphQL or AppSync
  • Experience with DynamoDB
  • Experience with CloudFormation
  • Experience building real-time communication services
  • Experience with Payment integrations

What it’s like to be a Chocorian

You will join a company filled with smart, humble and hard-working people. We are a start-up where people put the team first, deeply trust each other, take ownership and truly understand what they are working for day by day. 

You will join a group of people from all around the world who share their experiences and contribute in their areas of expertise and learn from each other. 

You will join a passionate team that shares the same values and vision, a circle of friends that not only works hard but also laughs with- and cheers for each other.

With that said, it is absolutely crucial to find people who share this with us and who deeply identify themselves with the values of a Chocorian.

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