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1. Develop Python scripts, Terraform templates, and AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy applications in an automated, repeatable manner across thousands of Linux servers.
2. Deploy and support applications in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and other providers
3. Write and maintain moderately complicated scripts in shell scripting, Python, Ruby, and/or Javascript, as well as simple web front ends to internal tools
4. Build and deploy Docker containers to AWS ECS and Kubernetes
5. Embed with development teams to assist with serverless Node.js microservices, Jenkins-based shell and Python automation, or global CDN configuration
6. Establish repeatable, testable configuration of systems using Chef
7. Maintain software, configurations, templates and infrastructure as code using git
8. Learn new cloud technologies and consult with internal customers
9. Identify repetitive, manual tasks and automate them
10. Document support procedures and train others on related procedures
11. Be available periodically for 24 hour on-call shifts for escalated incidents

* Cloud native infrastructure and application experience, especially in AWS
* Development or significant scripting and automation experience
* Significant Linux experience, particularly RHEL or Fedora-based distributions
* Must have the legal right to work

Preferred Requirements
* Experience with DevOps techniques and related utilities such as Continuous Integration, Git, Jenkins, and scripting against REST APIs
* Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and/or other cloud technologies
* Familiarity with the HashiCorp suite of tools, such as Packer, Vault, and Consul.
* Familiarity with the Netflix suite of tools, especially Spinnaker
* Understanding of related technologies such as networking and firewalls, storage, server hardware, and DNS.
* Linux-related applications such as Apache, Tomcat, LDAP, MySQL, Redis, and NGINX
* Familiarity with java applications operations and/or development
* Experience working in agile team processes such as Scrum and Kanban
* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field
* 4+ years business/industry work experience