The primary mission of the EDA department is the development and verification of Design Kits for different CMOS, RFCMOS and BiCMOS processes for design and manufacturing of integrated circuits. We are sustaining a trainee program with primary purpose to introduce young talented individuals to modern EDA tools and technologies and prepare them to work as CAD engineers in the field of micro- and nano-electronics.

Currently, we are looking to fill open positions in our trainee program. The candidates should be students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Telecommunications or equivalent.

Technical Competencies:

• Good knowledge of electronic devices and semiconductor theory.
• Some programming language background (i.e. C/C++, Perl, TCL)
• Previous experience with CAD systems (Cadence IC, Cadence OrCAD, Protel or similar) is a plus;
• Previous experience with circuit simulators (PSpice or similar) or mathematical software (Matlab, Mathematica) is also a plus.

Is a Remote Job?
Hybrid (Remote with required office time)
Employment Type
Part time

Sofia , Bulgaria

Trainee - Electronic Design Automation in Microelectronics