The tool development consists of different tools, which are used for handling of estimations, trainings planning and tracking, vacation overview and overview of project status.
The reporting is done with PowerBi desktop application.
The development is done in a Scrum like process with issues in Jira.


- Requirements analysis and creating of proposals for the implementation of the features
- Description of features
- Database design
- Creating of GUI elements to visualize the content and the user behavior
- Development of Code according quality rules
- Test of the features
- Creating of releases and there deployment
- Maintenance of the servers, the databases and automated processes (mainly with Jenkins and batch or Perl scripts)
- User support in technical and process related topics


Must have:

At least 5 year of experiences.
Windows Application SW Development using .NET
Knowledge in:
- .NET development framework ( / / C# / Power BI)
- WinForms
- SQL / MS SQL Server
- Perl
- Database design methods, e.g. normalization, server based queries
- Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environments)
- Good experience in GUI design, e.g. selection fields, trees, menu bars, tool bars
- Project management methods, e.g. estimations, project planning.

Nice to have:

Web Application Development

PowerBi on desktop and server based

- Jira handling

- Scrum


B1 Intermediate