Private equity funds have long been one of the most attractive investment opportunities, outperforming public market benchmarks, like the S&P 500. But these funds have also been difficult or impossible to access, especially for individuals. Onerous paperwork, high investment minimums (~€10m) and difficulty picking a fund have all been hurdles that kept individuals out. Access has always been dominated by institutions or a select few. Enter Moonfare. 

Moonfare is revolutionising access to private equity using a fully digital platform that provides qualified investors access to selectively vetted top-performing funds within 15 minutes and at minimums as low as €50,000. Moonfare provides investors with innovative reporting and the potential to trade their stakes in funds using our Secondary Market. We are introducing never before seen transparency and liquidity to private equity, and with our ongoing expansion across key markets in Europe and Asia, we are enabling investors around the world to reach further.

The Moonfare team brings together individuals with a wealth of different backgrounds, from leading investment and private banks and private equity fund managers to disruptive tech startups, leading newspapers and top law firms. Moonfarians strive to keep growing and want to challenge the status quo while  working as a team to deliver innovative solutions and the Moonfare vision.

Senior DevOps Engineer

You will drive the day-to-day development, maintenance, and security of the Moonfare platform. You will be helping scale a new DevOps team from scratch, working closely with Software Engineers to build secure deployment pipelines on to AWS. Your aim will be to instill an ‘infrastructure as code’ mentality within the DevOps team using terraform. You will be driving technical excellence in everything we do and fostering a culture around data-driven reliability, monitoring and automation following SRE principles. As the team scales, you will be mentoring engineers both SRE and developers to help them design the right solutions and promote a culture of reliability and automation.

You will be enhancing and supporting a build framework for continuous deployment and platform automation whilst working alongside development teams to develop and design scalable and highly available services to establish effective ways of working. You will be tasked with liaising with key stakeholders from the business to ensures timelines and roadmaps for business objectives are both reasonable and met on time. 

The next Moonfarian:

  • Embracing infrastructure as code and working with immutable infrastructure and configuration tools such as Terraform and Ansible to achieve end-to-end automation.
  • Programming and scripting experience to support infrastructure/platform including testing (Go/Python/Node and Bash)
  • Deep Dive AWS expertise is essential
  • Demonstrable experience in infrastructure planning and working with development teams to enable high availability of services in-line with SLOs and error budgets
  • Hands-on experience in Containerisation, Container Orchestration (Kubernetes), and Mesh networking (Istio)
  • Experience with Kubernetes cluster management tools (We use Kops, kubeadm, etc.)
  • Management experience on various databases (RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, etc.)
  • Monitoring (Design and implementation of Monitoring Solutions/Metric Driven alerting, etc.)
  • Logging systems (deployment of and scaling of logging solutions: Cloudwatch, Humio, ELK/Splunk, etc.)
  • Strong Linux troubleshooting skills
  • Networking (in-depth knowledge of routing and protocols, including network design best practices including security)
  • Content Delivery Networks and Global Traffic Management/Load balancing (e.g. Cloudflare, etc)

Invest in yourself:

  • Ownership: All team members are empowered to bring ideas, make decisions, and have an impact. Participate in our equity program and share in our success.
  • Transparency: Everyone at Moonfare is regularly updated on strategic progress, KPI tracking, product updates, and changes.
  • Growth: Not only will you grow in your role, you also have access to an individual growth budget of €1,500 or 2% of base salary (whichever is higher). 
  • Flexibility: Work on your terms, by leveraging our hybrid-office arrangement. No minimums or maximums.
  • Diversity: Our Diversity Committee ensures we hold ourselves accountable and continuously improve our D&I initiatives.

Engineering Leader Videos:

We understand the important role that diversity plays in our success. Different backgrounds, experiences and ideas push us further and raise the bar. We’re committed to developing an inclusive and safe culture where everyone  — regardless of colour, race, religion, sex, origin, sexuality, disability, marital status, citizenship or gender identity — knows that they are an integral part of the team and can bring their full potential to their work.

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