Software Integrity Group is hiring! We are seeking a security research engineer to join our Research & Innovation team. The successful candidate will contribute to the creation of new Synopsys products and services. 

  • Initiates the design, development, execution and implementation of technology research projects
  • Investigates the feasibility of applying scientific principles and concepts to potential inventions and products
  • Plans and executes applied research
  • Maintains substantial knowledge of state-of-the-art principles and theories and may contribute to scientific literature and conferences.
  • Participate in the development of patent applications
  • Co-ordinate interdepartmental activities and research efforts
  • Application security knowledge
  • Good knowledge of SAST and DAST tools
  • Experience in manual security analysis: code review, penetration testing, threat modeling
  • Coding experience, knowledge of programming languages and frameworks
  • Experience with scripting and automation
  • Cryptography knowledge
  • Customization of SAST and DAST tools or contributions to open source projects
  • Security research