Empathy and data bring fashion to life. By leading digital product designers you will help transform online fashion e-commerce and make Zalando the starting point for fashion — for customers, brands, retailers, influencers, and more.

This one listing represents all Product Design Manager opportunities across the company (including Design System, B2B, B2C, and B2E domains). Feel free to mention a specific interest in your application; we will consider you for all relevant openings.

In close collaboration with other designers, user researchers, product managers, engineering managers, and data scientists, your team will deliver best-in-class user experiences to lead the fashion industry.

As part of a growing design management circle, you will step up to drive specific design operations topics like design critique, onboarding or team rituals — and to actively contribute to overarching topics that affect us all (e.g. hiring, team health, diversity and inclusion).

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  • Experience. You are a very seasoned design professional with experience building and growing inclusive team environments. While you have likely led larger teams before, you are inspired to dive deep to solve truly meaningful problems that make customers feel like we understand them. To land a design management job at Zalando, you will show and explain raw artifacts from your work defining product design strategy, executing tactically in a complex environment and leading people to perform at their best. 
  • Empathy. You have the mindset and methodologies to understand your customers, colleagues and employees. You guide your teams through moments of ambiguity and create a safe and inclusive space in which people perform at their personal and collective best.
  • Craft. You master interaction design, choreograph UX design processes and orchestrate unified experiences across devices and throughout the customer journey — while knowing how to embody specific solutions in usable and delightful interactions.
  • Experimentation. You are willing to kill your darlings. You take a forward-looking generative approach and make design decisions on evidence. You guide your team to solve problems in the best way possible. You know when to work iteratively and when to take bold bets.
  • Storytelling. You bring not just users but also stakeholders and employees on a compelling journey by explaining a clear customer experience vision and telling compelling tales.