As a Zalando User Researcher, you will support product ideation and optimization through evaluative and generative research. You ensure that bad ideas fail early – and you inspire colleagues to iterate good ideas into great solutions. 

You will impact a wide variety of products – from startup ventures to B2B solutions – in addition to Europe’s largest fashion portal. You will study a diverse range of customers, including high-profile fashion brands, style bloggers, internal users of enterprise software, and approximately 46 million consumers served by our flagship product.

Zalando’s Product Insights and design community teams employs an evolving mix of traditional user-centered methodologies, Lean UX practices, and design thinking. Researchers work closely with designers and product managers to build the right solutions. User researchers at Zalando collaborate with our product designers, Product Managers, and the rest of the community to determine what features to build, how they should behave, and incoming projects’ priorities. To be most effective, we also build strong relationships with other internal teams. With market research, business intelligence, and product analytics, we ensure a holistic 360° understanding of customer needs and behaviors.

To land this job, you show and explain research artifacts from various stages of the product development process that illustrate your ability to deliver actionable user insights.

  • Communication. Your stellar storytelling skills allow you to deliver customer insights straight to your stakeholders’ hearts and brains. You’re a seasoned facilitator of engaging, impactful workshops. You are fluent in English and – ideally – at least one other European language.
  • Strategy. You have previous experience advocating for and leading strategic research initiatives and the ability to pitch research findings to director-level stakeholders.
  • Planning. You shape the research agenda. You plan and execute a wide variety of studies independently – interviews, diary studies, usability tests, surveys, workshops, etc. – across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Methodology. You know when to do what, and why. You identify the key research questions, choose the best method(s), recruit the right people, lead interviews, and play a key role in synthesizing and communicating insights. You have stellar quantitative and qualitative analysis skills. You master the art of creating surveys and interviews that lead to powerful insights. 
  • Prioritization. You balance high-quality research with short deadlines and highly iterative cycles.
  • Collaboration. You work in multidisciplinary, international teams.
  • Data. Your data savviness helps you feel comfortable and eager to get your hands dirty by transferring and connecting data in different ways and forms; by connecting the dots between a SQL query and making searches possible on the data platforms. You can deal with research cases that might demand your skills in R, Python, SQL and tools like Data Studio. (for positions with quantitative focus)