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A healthier life is a happier life. 

Vivy elevates this mission into a new reality for everyone. With its holistic approach, the Vivy app empowers users and transforms them from being passive patients to proactive individuals who are in charge of their own health. Within a single, integrated application, Vivy is the one place for users to consolidate medical documents and health data, adhering to the highest standards of data protection and encryption technology.

As the team behind Vivy, we are focused on creating real value that benefits our users’ lives by crafting user centric features. As we are constantly growing we are looking for new members for our international team in Berlin-Mitte who are enthusiastic about disrupting the healthcare system.

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Adhering to the highest standards of data protection and modern encryption technology, and combining it with a healthy way of living, Vivy is the one place for people to develop personally and professionally within a very supportive and people-oriented environment.

Senior Backend Developer - Java
Senior Android Developer - Kotlin
Senior iOS Developer
QA Lead