Women-Led Startup of the Year 2020


    Natalia Lumen is the Founder of ThyForLife, a HealthTech company enabling thyroid patients with lifetime conditions to securely track changes in and stay on top of their health. There are over 400M people in the world with a thyroid condition that would benefit from our solution.

    Previously, Natalia was a strategy management consultant at Bain & Company advising clients on market strategy, M&A, organization and operating model design. Proven track record of business results in a broad spectrum of organizational settings: private, public and nonprofit sectors globally.

    She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself. Natalia underwent two surgeries and ultimately had her thyroid removed. 

    ThyForLife won the Silver WomenTech Network Women-Led Startup Of The Year Award. The achievement has already been covered by BCB Business.

    Now, you can meet and learn more about Natalia and ThyForLife with our winners' features:

    1. Congratulations on winning a WomenTech Network award! How did it feel when you found out you had won one?

    I felt so thankful for this recognition because our team has worked incredibly hard this year to bring our product to life for millions of thyroid patients globally. We're just starting and this award has helped our team feel recognized for the work we're doing.  Here at ThyForLife we're on a mission to help each thyroid patient feel at peace and on top of their health with our mobile app, and we look forward to reaching each and every one of them globally.  

    2. What are your plans, projects, goals for 2021?

    I am thrilled that in Q1 2021, ThyForLife will be launching our mobile app for thyroid patients on Android and iOS!

    Designed to help the more than 400M thyroid patients worldwide efficiently manage and optimize their health, ThyForLife enables users to track, store, visualize, and assess their thyroid condition in one intuitive and streamlined location.

    With already nearly 1000 daily users engaging since our beta launch in Google Play in May 2020, I am really excited to see what was just an idea a year ago (initially created to help me personally cope with surviving thyroid cancer), become a real life product that has the power to impact the millions of people worldwide who are in my same shoes.

    3. Anything else you'd like to share?

    Launching a company in the midst of a pandemic may seem like a crazy idea, but if we didn't launch, we wouldn't have known whether or not there was an appetite for what we dreamed to accomplish.

    Our product  ThyForLife is a mobile app for thyroid patients, and with the majority of apps failing in the first few weeks of launch, the odds were really against us. Nevertheless, we decided to launch and test our basic beta app on the market even though it was not perfect. Seeing how quickly the app got picked up by our users gave me goosebumps as I never expected that in just a few short months we would make a difference in 1,000 lives on a daily basis.

    2020 has taught me that life is unpredictable. Therefore, no matter how imperfect an early stage product might be, the most impactful thing anyone can do is just start.

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