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Note: Please select only one category per submission. AVOID multiple nominations in the same category from different people (mentees, colleagues, friends) as it just creates extra work for the jury; Multiple nominations in the same category DO NOT increase your chances.


Please avoid multiple nominations from different people (mentees, colleagues, friends); self nomination doesn’t decrease your chance to win an award and multiple nominations in the same category do not increase your chances.

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  • Chief People Officer of the Year Award
  • Chief in Tech Award
  • Digital Transformation Leader of the Year
  • Diversity and Inclusion Employer of the Year Award
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year (within a company)
  • Global Technology Leadership Award
  • Global AI Inclusion Award
  • IT Graduate of the Year
  • WomenTech Mentor of the Year
  • Rising Star of the Year
  • Community Initiative of the Year (non-corporate)
  • WomenTech Ambassador Award
  • WomenTech Community Award (Individual/Public Voting)
  • WomenTech Global Conference Speaker Award
  • Special Recognition: Women in ICT Award (WIICTA)

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