Last Submission Day: October 29th 2020
Selection: Public Voting (via Sharing Widget) and Jury
Requirements: Complete application and having spoken at a previous WomenTech event.

The WomenTech Speaker of the Year Award recognizes annually up to five honorees for their contributions as a speaker and support in uniting 100000 women in tech worldwide. The award decided by public voting, the WomenTech community and a jury. Nomination for the award requires one to have spoken at a previous WomenTech Conference/event. All nominated applications will be publicly visible. A digital award certificate is issued and a photograph of award winner will be on display on the WomenTech Network website to acknowledge that individuals’ success and to encourage other community members to strive to achieve this prestigious award.

Recognition of this award will be given in a special assembly during the WomenTech Global Awards.

This award not only aptly acknowledges speakers at our network who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their community engagement, but motivates all community members to become speakers and to live by the network’s values to the highest standards. Those who achieve the award provide a clear model for other community members to follow, and through its explicit and clear standards for achieving impact, the Global Conference Speaker Award enables all community members to gain a firm understanding of the opportunities at our network.​​​​​​​