Women in Tech Mentorship Statistics 2023

The Power of Mentorship: Advancing Careers and Building Stronger Organizations

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The Tech industry has long been a male-dominated world but as we entered a new decade it is time to look at the position of women in tech.

​​​​​​​Mentorship and Leadership

  • The Impact of Female Mentors: A study by McKinsey & Company found that women who have female mentors are more likely to ascend to leadership positions, with 59% of C-suite women reporting they have had a female mentor at some point in their careers.
  • Leadership Development: The International Coach Federation reports that 70% of individuals who have a mentor benefit from improved work performance and leadership development.
  • Mentoring Gaps: The Women in the Workplace study by McKinsey & Company found that while 58% of entry-level women aspire to be in leadership positions, only 39% believe they have a mentor helping them achieve that goal.
  • Diversity and Innovation: Research conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that companies with more women in leadership roles are 21% more likely to outperform in profitability and 27% more likely to create long-term value.

Women in C-suite with mentors

Mentorship and DE&I

  • Retention and Job Satisfaction: Research by the Anita Borg Institute indicates that women in tech who have mentors are 77% more likely to still be working in the tech industry after three years compared to those without mentors. They also report higher job satisfaction.
  • Overcoming Gender Bias: A study by Catalyst found that women with mentors are more likely to negotiate for promotions and pay raises, helping them overcome gender biases in the workplace.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Companies with mentoring programs that include a focus on diversity and inclusion are 63% more likely to realize positive impacts on overall gender diversity, according to a report by Deloitte.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: According to research by Development Dimensions International (DDI), companies with formal mentoring programs are 20% more likely to have increased diversity among their leadership teams.
  • Confidence Boost: According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, 65% of women with mentors felt more confident in their ability to succeed, as opposed to 56% of women without mentors.

Mentorship and Career Advancement

  • Tech Career Aspirations: A report by PwC found that 78% of female students and 87% of male students are interested in learning about tech careers from women. This highlights the demand for female mentors in technology fields.
  • Salary Growth: According to a study by Tech Republic, women in technology who have mentors tend to earn more than those who don't. The study revealed a 20% increase in salary for women with mentors.
  • Tech Industry Mentorship: A survey conducted by Women Who Tech revealed that 85% of women working in technology consider mentorship programs as crucial for career advancement in the industry.

"About 78% of female students and 87% of male students are interested in learning about tech careers from women mentors.", PwC Report

  • Improved Job Satisfaction: According to a report by LinkedIn, 94% of employees who have a mentor are more satisfied with their jobs compared to those without mentors.
  • Career Advancement: A survey by the American Society for Training and Development found that 75% of executives credit their mentors as a significant factor in their career success.
  • Learning and Skill Development: Research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) indicates that 75% of professionals consider mentoring crucial to their career development, helping them acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Enhanced Productivity: A study by the American Psychological Association shows that employees with mentors are more engaged and 81% more likely to stay with their current employer.

75% of Executives Credit Mentors for their Success

In essence, mentorship transcends individual growth, shaping the culture, inclusivity, and success trajectory of organizations. As professionals and organizations alike recognize the unparalleled value of mentorship, it becomes a linchpin for future-ready, diverse, and inclusive workspaces.

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