Our Purpose is to Make an Impact Globally

Make a difference in the world by enabling women's empowerment in tech through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship and networking events for professionals.

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As a Founding Member of WomenTech Network, Coding Girls is focusing on global impact through empowerment, education and engagement.

As a Founding Member of WomenTech Network, Tech Family Ventures is focusing on global impact through advocating gender diversity in venture capital.

As a Global Partner of WomenTech Network, Founder Institute is focusing on global impact by providing Female Founder Fellowships.

Women in Technology Statistics: Where are We?

A Look at the Latest Statistics on Women in the Tech Industries

The Tech industry has long been a male-dominated world but as we entered a new decade it is time to look at the position of women in tech.

Where are we now and where are we going?

At the current pace of change it will take

73671 Days
14 Hours
39 Minutes
39 Seconds

until the economic gender gap is closed.

Social Responsibility & Impact

Our Pledge

We donate 100% of the host fees from all the events we organize around the globe to the ​Coding Girls Foundation​.

Our partners receive a certificate for helping us to prepare girls worldwide to start and develop a tech career and to become role models for the next generations.

As part of our social impact goals we strive to increase the representation of girls and women in technology related careers and businesses.  We believe that we can achieve gender equality with the help of technology and commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


WomenTech Network is a global platform powered by Coding Girls, Tech Family Ventures and Tallocate promoting diversity in tech, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Our events are focusing on diversity talks, networking, interviews and exploration, while connecting female tech talent like engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers and other tech-roles with opportunities at companies that share the same values and put diversity as their top priority.

Are you curious about career development and what the tech-world has to offer? Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, we’ve got plenty of good reasons for you to apply to join our network and events

Anna Radulovski
Founder at Coding Girls, Partner at Tech Family Ventures, Lead at WTN

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