Women In Tech Carer Fair & Summit 2024

Oct 16-17, 2024  | Virtual & In-person*

Advance Your Career, Build Connections & Lead in Tech

*WITCFS2024 will feature a Virtual Career Fair & Summit and several In-Person Satellite Events for Maximum Engagement and Accessibility

The Largest Career Fair for Women in Tech 


The virtual-first career fair will unite women in tech, minorities, and allies from around the globe through an interactive platform. The event will feature both virtual and in-person sessions, providing a comprehensive environment to advance careers, build professional networks, and gain valuable industry insights.


WomenTech Network

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October 17, 2024

Who is it for? What is it about?

The WomenTech Global Impact Summit unites communities from across the globe through concurrent in-person events that are connected virtually. 

This allows attendees to have a unique and intimate on-site experience and still have access virtually to the WomenTech Global Conference 2022 sessions and attendees.

The Women in Tech Global Impact Summit brings together people who are committed to creating positive social change and accelerating global impact. We'll discuss the new ways that healthcare, education, finance,  energy, mobility, space travel, government, and other areas are being disrupted by technological innovation; what opportunities will come about as a result of these changes? WomenTech Global Conference will provide an opportunity for thought leaders in technology to connect with one another and collaborate on challenges that will shape our future.

📢 Become a local career event host for the Women in Tech Career Fair featuring in-person locations in the US, Canada, and Europe.

We’ve got many reasons for you to join this
virtual event from home:

  • Expand your network and connect with women, minorities, and their allies in engineering and science.
  • Explore global industry trends, tackle challenges and get inspired by fellow women in tech and experts. 
  • Meet with leading companies and fast-growing startups and identify career opportunities. 

Featured Global Community Partners


​​​​​​​Learn from tech leaders about tech topics and topics like the future of work, mental health and entrepreneurship.

​​​​​​​Join the conversation and engage in panel and roundtable discussions to tackle challenges of our times.

​​​​​​​Join online networking sessions and meet live with likeminded experts and professionals from around the world.