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Canonical is a growing, international software company that works with the open-source community to deliver Ubuntu - the world’s most popular enterprise Linux from cloud to edge. Our mission is to realise the potential of free software in the lives of individuals and organisations.

Founded in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth, we began as a small group of skilled software engineers and have grown to a globally remote team of over 1,000 people working across over 70 different countries. Together with a community of 200,000, we publish an operating system that is used globally to power big brands, small startups, and even the BYU Mars Rover.

What makes your company unique?

Truly distributed
Exceptional, self-motivated, organised and passionate people deserve the freedom to live where they want. Our teams travel regularly to meet colleagues and customers.

Best in class
We rate top for Linux security. We run more hosts, more workloads and more devices than anybody else, because we strive to do everything insightfully, properly, fairly, and openly

Enterprise focused
The world is moving to Ubuntu – open source that's faster, cheaper and better. Empower engineers, secure precious data, share knowledge and lead the change.

Technology at Canonical

Tech Challenges

Canonical's mission is to realise the potential of free software in the lives of individuals and organisations by: 

  • striving to make Ubuntu the world's best free software platform
  • ensuring its availability to everyone
  • leading the commercial ecosystem around Ubuntu with a portfolio of high quality professional service offerings
  • accelerating the growth and development of the free software community

We aim to bring open-source software to the widest possible audience to accelerate innovation


Culture at Canonical

Canonical was founded with a vision to create a ‘remote first’ organisation bringing opportunities to people regardless of location, enabling a meeting of minds and true collaboration. This approach lies at the heart of our open source product; Ubuntu (meaning ‘I am because you/we are’) creating a ‘remote but together’ culture. A vision of the future of both products and work. This unique approach embodies our values of doing things with purpose and reason rather than simply  following the crowd. An extraordinary culture has been created, allowing the brightest minds to come together from around the Globe.

Canonical's values are:

An adroit person is quick or clever in action and thought. We demonstrate this through our energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

A reliable person is one you can trust and who will keep their promises. You can depend on our people, products and services.

An accessible person is open to ideas and challenges.  Like our people, Canonical solutions are easily reached and easily understood.

A precise person is exact, clear and careful about details.  That clarity shines through in our communication and products.


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