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    Developing a strong personal brand can be vital to take the next step in your career. Launch yourself as a force to be reckoned with by presenting yourself accurately and showcasing your talents through a consistent personal brand.

    Your online presence is often the first point of contact for potential employers, so increase your marketability by demonstrating your talent through social media. Thus, you'll set yourself up for success. Let’s look at the other ways you can create a personal brand that speaks of your brilliance...

    Curate Your Social Media

    People often underestimate the importance of social media, but it can be a valuable tool for building your brand. Although you might not want to spend the time keeping your professional social media up to date, it’s worth it. WomenTech Network, Social Media

    Having an informative and up to date LinkedIn and other professional profiles, you show that you take your career seriously and are aware of your own value. Aside from listing your past work experience, be sure to highlight the successes and milestones throughout your career, like a big project that was successful thanks to you. 

    Additionally, include some information about your passions outside of your professional field, like any volunteering experience you may have. You’re creating a picture of what you are like as an individual, not just as an employee.

    Get the Professional “Look”

    It may sound a little over the top but the correct “look” on your digital footprint can be extremely important. Investing in a professional photo shoot can be really valuable in streamlining your social media. 

    Additionally, it can be a good idea to have a variety of images at hand to be used in interviews, reports, and profiles. You’re putting a face to a name by putting a picture online, so make sure that your pictures accurately present who you are as a person. 

    These pictures don’t have to be boring or “corporate” in the traditional sense. As long as you feel like it represents who you are in your career, it’ll work!

    Create a Narrative 

    WomenTech Network, Online OpinionsRemember that you’re marketing yourself as a person, so make sure that your ethos comes across on your profiles. This is your own platform to share the things that interest you, how you feel about issues you find important, and what your opinion is on key developments in your industry. 

    Don’t be scared to share your opinion either by creating your own posts or sharing other people’s views on your profile. Potential networking links will find value in an individual who cares about their industry and is open to beginning a conversation about important topics.

    Continuity Across Platforms

    From a stylistic perspective, creating continuity across your platforms shows professionalism. Revamp your email signature to include your other social media links and vice versa to make yourself easy to connect with. 

    Make sure that all of your usernames and emails are up to date and make sense. It might be time to ditch the personal email address you had when you were 12 in favor of a more professional email address with your name and surname. There’s really nothing more embarrassing than telling someone your email is your favorite band or the name of your first pet at a networking event!

    Business Cards

    Once you’ve cleaned up your usernames and accounts, put them all in one place! Having business cards is still valuable even in the digital age. Not only does it show professionalism and can provide an opportunity for creativity, but it can also be so convenient to give out your card instead of trying to exchange details over devices. A stylish, professional business card can make an impact and is an easy way to develop your personal brand.

    Promote Yourself

    Your online platforms are all about developing your own personal brand, so don’t be scared to promote yourself. Remember that when someone is landing on your LinkedIn, it’s you that they want to learn moreWomenTech Network, Accomplished Women about! Share your accomplishments and promote your work without feeling uncomfortable. Women often feel a stigma about bragging and being self-congratulatory, but it’s a habit we need to kick. 

    Everyone should be proud of their work and sharing your achievements can be really important online. In an office, your work may speak for itself to your employers, but when you’re marketing yourself online you need to clearly illustrate your achievements. 

    Remember that you’re in control of your own narrative, and it’s up to you to show the best, most authentic version of yourself online. 

    Join Organizations That Reflect Your Values

    Actions often speak louder than words. If you're a member of an organization that reflects your values and career aspirations, then your personal brand will be positively impacted by that. 

    With WomenTech Network you have the opportunity to become a Premium or Founding Member of an organization devoted to empowering and uniting women in technology. It can help boost your network by allowing you access to exclusive events, resume and profile reviews, and coaching sessions. The membership will help build your personal brand as a leader in tech and open you up to many new career opportunities. 

    If that's the personal brand you want to build, join today!