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Women in Tech Lisbon 2023

May 12 | In Person | 18:00

Hosted by Synopsys

​​​​​​​Part of the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023.

WomenTech Network’s mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship, and networking events to make a difference building impactful and inclusive products and technology services.

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Women in Tech Agenda

5:00 pm
Registration & Networking
5:20 pm
Tech & Career Booth
5:40 pm
Panel Discussion: Making Impact through Inclusive Leadership
6:45 pm
Career Talk: Navigating Your Career as a Working Mother in Tech
7:00 pm
Career Talk: Being in a Non-tech Leadership Role in Tech Company
7:15 pm
Closure & Networking – drinks included


Women in Tech Speakers

MODERATOR: Anaximandro Furtado - Anaximandro Furtado, CAD Engineer, Staff. After +20 years under IT, recently switched from IT Manager role to CAD-Infra engineer, allowing knowledge cycling, but also getting closer to his former customer’s challenges. Has a degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE). Passionate about analog photography, radio, and devoted to ecology and human development causes.

Sonia GonCalves, Senior Manager for ASIC Digital and Verification Team at Synopsys Lisbon. Has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Algarve. Started in 2008, as a modelling engineer for audio codecs, Sonia now leads a team of 30, 8 of them female engineers. Sónia is Synopsys Employee Excellence 2020 awardee. She is addicted to sports, specifically to Padel. Work hard and Padel harder!

Rita Correia Oliveira, Business Process Manager, responsible for Synopsys' Solutions Business Group Governance team. Her team is responsible for the business group Program Management Operations, Data, and Contractor Governance. She has a degree in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management at ISEG. Rita is happily married for 21 years, loves reading historical novels, taking long walks, and supporting her 15- and 17-year-old sons' football games.

Catarina Lucena, CAD Engineering Manager with a focus on Storage and Third-Party Licenses management. She holds a PhD in the area of Industrial Information Systems by the Faculty of Science and Technology of Nova University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) and has a MSc in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from the same school. Joined Synopsys in 2015, she has been deeply involved in the development of multiple tools and flows whose aim is the optimal usage of available (finite) resources in terms of storage and licenses.  

Pedro Azevedo, Senior A&MS Circuit Design Manager at Synopsys Lisbon, manages a diverse team of 14 people spread across the world. Throughout his professional life in the semiconductor industry, Pedro progressed from very technical engineering positions towards the area of management, namely program, team, and operation, and his development has always been done in international and highly diversified multicultural environments. On a personal side, Pedro’s love for food and culinary art pushed him to own a restaurant which is daily managed by Pedro’s brother. A piece of more diversity.

Mara Carvalho, ASIC Digital Design Manager for Mixed-signal IP in Synopsys Porto. Has Masters Degree in Licenciatura of Electronics and Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Starting in a technical role in 2008, Mara now leads a team of 6 people, where she thrives from the possibility of enabling people’s development and contributing actively to a successful interaction between multiple teams from multiple countries and backgrounds.

Isabel Fragoso, Project Manager at Synopsys Porto. Has a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering by the University of Porto. Started her journey at Synopsys as an IT administrator, she has moved to improving Synopsys’ IT Unix Infrastructure. She has done a Post-Graduation in Porto Business School in IT Management and in 2020  joined Synopsys’ SERDES IP project management team. Isabel is a mom of a 1-year-old boy, trying to navigate through the many challenges of balancing family time and work. She is an enthusiast about technology and passionate about traveling and outside leisure. She is a feminist, determined to spread awareness about gender gap and eager to help building a better world where everyone can have the same opportunities.

Luisa Diogo, Director & Finance Controller at Synopsys Prior to joining Synopsys, Luisa worked at MIPS ABG as a Finance Director, which has been acquired by Synopsys in 2009; responsible for the acquisition process and respective integration from a Finance perspective. Luisa has also been Finance Director of Chipidea, worked in Ministry of Economy of Portugal, as an Assistant to the support of Structural Projects economically important for the national economy; Business Manager in Rolin Consulting, as well as Member of Board of Directors. She has degree in Engineering, Master’s in Business Administration and Strategy, Specialization in Corporate Finance​​​​​​​

What to Expect

Inspiring talks and equal opportunities

Networking with top companies in a casual yet professional and friendly atmosphere

Networking with fellow women in tech

Snacks, drinks and music

We’ve got three good reasons for you to apply to join this invitation-only event in Lisbon:

  • Meet women in tech leaders and get inspired by their journeys and stories.

  • Expand your network and establish relationships with fellow women in technology.

  • Connect with leading tech companies, explore global industry trends and identify career growth opportunities.

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