Lori Mackenzie Stanford women in tech global conference

    Lori Nishiura Mackenzie is an influential speaker, researcher, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She co-founded the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, dedicated to impactful research on overcoming women's career advancement barriers and fostering inclusive workplaces. Lori collaborates with the California Partners Project, initiated by California's First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, developing recruitment tools for boards to enhance diversity and inclusivity. Her achievements include being named a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice in Gender Equity, inclusion in BBC’s 100 Women of 2017, and featuring in the 2018 documentary "bias." Lori's contributions have been featured in prominent publications like the Harvard Business Review and The New York Times, and she received the 2020 CEDAW Human Rights Award in Education from the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women. With over two decades of experience in marketing strategy and business management at leading companies such as Procter & Gamble and Apple, Lori serves on boards of the Alliance for Girls and the Center for Institutional Courage and advises August Public. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.

    Motivation to Speak at the Conference

    Are you excited to speak at the Women in Tech Global Conference and what motivated you to join our community of 100,000 women in tech, minorities, and allies?

    I am thrilled to speak at the Women in Tech Global Conference, joining important conversations to advance women in technology. Technology companies will shape our world, and it's important that a diverse group of people contribute to that future.

    Background and Inspiration

    Share with us about your background, your journey in tech, and what inspired you to develop your career in this direction?

    I started in Tech 1989, when people were just beginning to understand the power of using technology in their daily lives at work and beyond. I interacted with so many interesting people and ideas. I think that is one aspect I've always enjoyed; tech is full of optimistic people who often believe they can change the world for good. I like that.

    Why is the topic “Revolutionizing Board Culture” important to you?

    It's critical to have diverse voices at all seats of power. Yet diversity is not enough; we must intentionally design culture to unleash the power of that diversity. It's time to curate conversations about inclusive practices in all boardrooms.

    Who would you advise to attend the Women in Tech Global Conference and why?

    It can be isolating to be one of few in Tech, so conferences like the Women in Tech Global Conference can be uplifting and inspiring. And as a person who likes to bring new ideas to my work, I love to surround myself with brilliant, committed people who are working towards a better future. Finding community and gaining new insights will be top of my list at the Conference!

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