At WomenTech Network we are committed to improving gender diversity and inclusion at our partner companies.
It starts with companies recognizing the pledge below:


  • pledge that diversity and inclusion is at the core of our work/business;
  • commit to educating others to foster an inclusive community that treats every person with dignity and respect;
  • commit to always put people first, and to stand up against pressure to do otherwise;
  • commit to equal pay for equal work and to point out inequalities;
  • commit to creating a fair work environment to enable and improve general work-life balance;
  • commit to supporting coworkers/employees who become caregivers by implementing appropriate programs;
  • commit to supporting minorities and listening to underrepresented voices and to respect different viewpoints;
  • commit to facilitate, organize, or volunteer at diversity and inclusion-related events and to provide mentorship and training to increase awareness.

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