WomenTech Global Awards 2023 Winners: Speaker of the Year Award

    👏 We are excited to announce the winners of the WomenTech Network Speaker of the Year Award 2023.

    Recognised contributions: The WomenTech Speaker of the Year Award recognizes annually up to five honorees for their contributions as a speaker and support in uniting 100000 women in tech worldwide. This award not only aptly acknowledges speakers at our network who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their community engagement, but motivates all community members to become speakers and to live by the network’s values to the highest standards. Those who achieve the award provide a clear model for other community members to follow, and through its explicit and clear standards for achieving impact, the Global Conference Speaker Award enables all community members to gain a firm understanding of the opportunities at our network.

    🏅Tara Myshrall, RVP Talend Canada and North US at Talend

    🏅Lisa Milani, MBA, Global Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Beamery

    🏅 Robin Sutara, Field CTO at Databricks

    Congratulations, winners! 👏 🎉🤩

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    Congratulations to the finalists as well:

    ⭐️ Dafna Blaschkauer, Speaker, Global Executive, Best Selling Author, Board Member, Mentor at L3 Academy
    ⭐️ Jennifer Cox, Security Eng. Manager, CSM Emerging & Global Architect at Tenable
    ⭐️ Preeti Gupta, Head Next-gen Data Platform/VP at Brown Brothers Harriman
    ⭐️ Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Leader at The Space Court Foundation Inc.
    ⭐️ Sneha Ganesh, Data Analyst at _VOIS Vodafone Intelligent Solutions and Neeraja Ganesh, D&I Evangelist, Leadership Coach at Aspire For Her
    ⭐️ Tracey Sigers, IT Department Chair at NCUS TEC Career College