Product Development and Management women in tech global conference 2024

    Discover how AI and immersive technology are revolutionizing product management, marketing, and development processes across industries.

    When: April 23-25, 2024

    Where: Women in Tech Conference 2024

    Dive Deep Into: Product vision creation, strategy adaptation in fast-paced industries, and the integration of AI and ML into product development, aiming to empower women and new career professionals.

    Iryna Wagner, Product Marketing Manager at Meta, discusses "Building New Products: Early Stage and Scale." Transitioning from traditional marketing to Big Tech, Iryna shares insights on managing ambiguity, team communication adjustments, and defining the PMM role in product development.

    Rakshana Balakrishnan, Senior Product Manager Technical at Amazon Web Services, offers insights on "How to Enhance Your Product Strategy to Deliver Successful Generative AI-Powered Products." With a decade of experience, Rakshana guides on adapting product strategies for GenAI success.

    Amber Foucault, Vice President of Product, Applications at Dayforce, explores "Integrating AI and ML into the Product Development Process." With a strong background in startups and product launches, Amber reveals how to tackle product development challenges using AI and ML.

    Desiree Lemons, Senior Manager, Global Product Management at Equinix, presents "Creating Product Vision in a Fast-Paced Industry." Desiree, with 25 years in technology, explores innovative product improvement methods and the empowerment of women and young professionals in tech.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Mastery in creating a clear product vision in rapidly evolving tech landscapes.

    • Strategies for building and positioning products as market leaders through authenticity and innovation.

    • Insights into adapting product strategies for Generative AI and leveraging AI/ML in product development for optimal outcomes.

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