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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria is the world’s center for cooperation in the nuclear field committed to promoting safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear technology. The IAEA offers opportunities to engage current, meaningful issues of global peace, security and development while working in a multicultural environment with expertise in a variety of scientific, technical, managerial and professional disciplines.

The U.S. Support Program to the IAEA assists the IAEA attract and recruit candidates for a variety of assignments and encourages qualified U.S. nationals to apply for positions at the IAEA.

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The IAEA offers a dynamic, multicultural work environment with staff coming from over 100 countries working in a wide range of technical and scientific fields. The IAEA also maintains several specialist laboratories that support its activities, develop innovative technologies and provide training.

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A workforce skilled in nuclear science is essential to realizing the full potential of nuclear technology. Such workforce must include both women and men, because gender diversity is vital for driving more innovative and sustainable solutions in the nuclear field. However, with women currently making up less than a quarter of the nuclear workforce, the nuclear field is missing out on a wealth of talent and expertise.

Attracting women to careers in nuclear science and technology and providing an environment for them to thrive in and progress are important in meeting the demand for a nuclear workforce of the 21st century.



In 1957, the IAEA was created with a vision to harness the power of the atom for the benefit of humankind. It works with partners across the globe to help countries use nuclear science and technology to meet development challenges. This video showcases the diverse activities of the Atoms for Peace and Development Agency.

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