Daniela Barbosa women in tech global conference 2024

    Motivation to Speak at the Conference

    Are you excited to speak at the Women in Tech Global Conference and what motivated you to join our community of 100,000 women in tech, minorities, and allies?

    Yes. My experience with the Women in Tech Global Conference last year was extremely valuable. I made some great connections with other women technology leaders and hope to do so again this year. The diversity in experience and background of the speakers and attendees makes this event a highlight in my year. 

    Background and Inspiration

    Share with us about your background, your journey in tech, and what inspired you to develop your career in this direction?

    I have a background in library and information science and came to technology and open source due to my desire to innovate and contribute to the ongoing digital transformation that is reshaping businesses worldwide. When I started getting interested in decentralized technologies and the promise of blockchain, I knew I could apply what I had studied and was passionate about - the basics of trust - to this disruptive new market. Librarians are taught to advocate for privacy and ethical use of information and access for all. Inclusion is central to what we do, so the collaboration that is required for open source in blockchain and web3 communities aligns perfectly. After all, traditional libraries and digital communities both serve as community hubs.

    Why is the topic “Building the Next Generation of Financial Systems: Where, Why and How to Be Part of the New Digital Economy” important to you?

    “Building the Next Generation of Financial Systems: Where, Why and How to Be Part of the New Digital Economy” is a critically important topic as it underscores a transformative shift in how we perceive and interact with financial systems globally. This transition from traditional, often cumbersome financial structures to agile, technology-driven platforms promises to revolutionize not only the speed and efficiency with which transactions are conducted but also the inclusivity and accessibility of financial services. By embracing decentralized technologies such as distributed ledgers and smart contracts, we’re not just enhancing the functionality of existing systems; we’re reimagining what’s possible, enabling real-time transactions, reducing operational costs, and facilitating broader access to financial services.

    I believe this evolution paves the way for a more democratized financial landscape, where barriers to entry for startups, for example, are lowered, and opportunities for innovation and participation are expanded. This shift will create critical much-needed opportunities for a more diverse cohort of founders and leaders to play a role in building the next generation of financial systems. 

    Who would you advise to attend the Women in Tech Global Conference and why?

    Anyone looking for perspective of not only the cutting-edge tech that women are working on but on how to get involved, meet like-minded women, and drive innovation. 

    Many technology events have side tracks or sessions specifically for women in tech. The Women in Tech Global Conference is completely focused on giving women from around the globe and across industries a forum for sharing their work and making connections. That is a powerful launching pad for ideas, careers, and even companies that will advance the entire tech industry