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GAIA is the all-in-one legal platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our customers can handle their legal affairs through GAIA in an easy-to-use, reliable, and legally secure manner. GAIA is curated by top law firms, ensuring the highest level of reliability and trust at all times.

GAIA was founded in 2021 and pre-released its product early in 2022 (in stealth mode). Now is a magical time to join. We are still a small and highly committed team, and everyone can make a foundational difference.


Culture at GAIA Technologies

Our values

GAIA is a values-driven organization. As such, our beliefs guide us in all our decisions and inform how we think, communicate, collaborate and behave.

Our vision is to become the leading software provider in the legal tech industry. But we also want to ensure that we create a working environment that is humane and responsible, as well as highly professional.

🤝Integrity & Trust

Being sincere and honest in all our words and actions is essential to us. We encourage a culture of openness and trust.

🌿Sustainability & Responsibility

We are mindful of our own actions and their consequences on a corporate, local and global level. We observe high ethical and professional standards and prefer long-term success to short-term profit.

👐Inspiring Team

We hire exceptional talent, foster diversity, and maintain an inclusive and caring work environment. We collaborate as a team to achieve outstanding and lasting results for our clients. We continuously improve our own capabilities and help our colleagues develop.


We believe that everyone has valuable insights to offer. Each of us has an equal voice and is expected to contribute to discussions. We encourage dissent and create an environment that allows for critical opinions to be heard.

💪 Courage & Curiosity

The courage to make difficult decisions is incorporated into our DNA, as we see new ways of working and ideas as promising opportunities. This enables us to become a trendsetter in a traditional industry.

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