WomenTech Netowrk _ Celonis

    On March 8th, in celebration of International Women's Day, the welcoming space of Celonis was alive with excitement as approximately 50 tech professionals came together for an evening of motivation and dialogue, hosted in collaboration with WomenTech Network. The event's topic was centered around the theme "Women at Work: Navigating Leadership in Tech." 

    The event kicked off with an innovative approach, differing significantly from the usual networking gatherings. Aiming to foster a more interactive and welcoming atmosphere, the setup included chairs arranged in a circular shape around the usual venue setup. This not only made the space feel more inclusive but also encouraged participation among the attendees. The intimate setting proved to be a hit, with Celonis expressing satisfaction with the turnout and the effective use of the venue space.

    The panel began with an engaging ice-breaker led by moderator Emma Descalzo (Talent Marketing Content Lead at Celonis), encouraging attendees to stand and share aspects of their professional journey in tech. This set the stage for a series of personal and inspiring discussions. Sonia Comajuan (Engineering Operations Director at Celonis) shared her leadership development strategy and personal journey to a leadership position at Celonis, highlighting the power of asking for what you want. Barbara Llanos Jiménez (Celonis Sales Director) spoke about leadership styles, emphasizing transparency and passion in leadership roles and the importance of amplifying the voices within your team.

    The conversation then shifted towards the challenges women face in leadership, with Sonia and Sara  Álvarez Corzo (Learning & Development Program Coordinator at Celonis) addressing questions about overcoming skepticism from leaders who attribute the lack of opportunities for females to skill set deficiencies. They stressed the importance of building a supportive network, advocating for oneself, and seeking visibility for one’s work. Dounia Pajoheshfar (Celonis' Senior Product Marketing Manager) offered insights into the value of mentorship, sharing how it has impacted her career and emphasizing the importance of documenting accomplishments and actively engaging with management to be recognized for one’s contributions.

    Laura Mária Kaššovicová, WomenTech Network's local leader, expressed her appreciation, saying, "Sonia's powerful declaration, 'I got it, because I asked for it,' lingers in my mind, a beacon of empowerment from the event. The collective energy of the evening and contributions turned a simple gathering into a profound moment of growth and inspiration. I'm deeply grateful for everyone's contribution in making this experience truly remarkable. Here's to the journey ahead, fueled by the courage to speak our truths and pursue our dreams."

    The event was charged with great energy, laughter, and engagement from the audience, many of whom were keenly taking notes and capturing slides, signifying the value they found in the discussions. The exciting evening finished off with a raffle for 3x2 Women in Tech Global Conference tickets, and three women from the attendees, were the lucky winners.

    For individuals seeking career opportunities that resonate with the above-mentioned principles and ideas, we invite you to explore the latest job openings at Celonis. This is an opportunity to contribute positively to the tech industry within an organization that deeply values diversity and inclusion.

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this inspiring event. We eagerly anticipate following your progress in the tech landscape, equipped with empowerment, knowledge, and the drive to effect significant change.

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