3 Featured Talks by Latinas from WTGC2023

    As we embrace the vibrant tapestry of Hispanic Heritage Month, we embark on a journey that spotlights the remarkable contributions of Latinas in the world of technology. At the Women in Tech Global Conference, we have had the privilege of hosting inspiring sessions led by these dynamic women who are shaping the future of the tech industry. In celebration of their achievements, and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we invite you to join us on a virtual tour of the enlightening and empowering sessions presented by these trailblazing Latinas. From innovation and leadership to diversity and inclusivity, their insights and stories are not only enriching but also a testament to the extraordinary impact they are making in the tech world and beyond.

    Dafna Blaschkauer is a seasoned Global Executive with 25 years of experience at top companies like Nike, Apple, and Microsoft. Notably, she was the First Woman Sales Director at Apple in Brazil and played a pivotal role in launching the iPhone and iPad in Retail. During her time at Nike, she served as the Nike Women's General Manager and led the Women Offense Strategy for the Olympics. Dafna's expertise extends to entrepreneurship in the Specialty Coffee industry, where she opened the first Brazilian Coffee Shop in the USA and advised a leading coffee shop in Brazil. She is a best-selling author, an acclaimed speaker on Leadership, High Performance, Career, and Diversity & Inclusion, and an active Board Member and Mentor. As a former Brazilian Tennis Champion, Dafna has translated her sports experience into valuable life and career lessons.

    In her talk, Dafna Blaschkauer draws from her extensive 25-year leadership experience at companies like Nike, Apple, and Microsoft, as well as her background as a high-level tennis player. She provides valuable insights and tools for unlocking personal and professional potential. Dafna's presentation covers essential skills to supercharge your career and personal life, offering strategies for achieving goals, adapting to a rapidly changing world, boosting confidence, and enhancing overall performance. It's an inspiring session that empowers individuals to harness their full potential.

    Dr. Graciela Perez, often referred to as Grace, is a seasoned executive with a track record of digitally-focused leadership roles at renowned companies such as Chevron, Microsoft, and GE Healthcare. With over 30 years of diverse industry experience spanning Federal Compliance, Nuclear, Pharma, Biotech, Energy, Tech (Cloud), and Healthcare, she possesses a unique breadth of knowledge. Grace holds a Doctor of Science in Engineering and additional certifications in Data Science, Lean methodologies, and Human Operational Performance. Her expertise extends beyond basic IoT, encompassing Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which she leverages to drive digital transformation across industries and teams. Currently serving as VP and Chief Digital Program Officer at GE Healthcare, Grace also fulfills the role of Executive Lean Leader. She is deeply committed to sharing her insights and knowledge globally to inspire excellence in people.

    In her session, "Bring Your Voice to the Room," Grace Perez emphasizes the significance of influence and proficient communication. Her insights prove invaluable for those striving to assert themselves and convey their message effectively, whether during individual interviews or team presentations. Discover practical methods to project your personal brand adeptly, securing your audience's attention, building trust in your message, and enabling a clear understanding of the required steps, regardless of the setting—be it physical or virtual. You'll leave this session equipped with actionable advice, such as mastering room entry techniques, delivering concise messages, and cultivating the confidence to be the most effective messenger for driving action.

    Maria Celina Ordonez Costa is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in Information Technology and Global Business Services.  Currently, she serves as Vice President in charge of Latin America Information Technology and Global Business Services at Procter & Gamble. Her expertise in Digital Transformation, Project & Program Management, and more has made her a driving force in her field. Maria Celina's impressive journey is an inspiration to professionals aiming for success in the Information Technology and Global Business Services sector.

    In her session "Creating Value through Digital Transformation", Maria Celina Ordonez Costa explores the pivotal elements necessary to harness Digital Transformation as a potent competitive advantage for value generation. Throughout her talk, she delves into key topics, including the strategic implementation of Digital Transformation, the vital role of Change Management, the emergence of AI as a primary catalyst, the significance of Data and Technology, and the imperative need for Digital Fluency within organizations. By unpacking these critical aspects, Maria provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the complex landscape of Digital Transformation, empowering them to drive innovation and unlock substantial value in today's fiercely competitive business environment.

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