WomenTech Network_New Relic

    Last Wednesday we had an amazing event at one of the Europe's largest tech hubs - Barcelona​​​​​​​. New Relic set the stage ablaze for International Women's Day with a riveting event that delved into empowering tales of inclusive leadership. The vibrant gathering unfolded at New Relic's Barcelona office, featuring a powerhouse panel of women leaders ready to share their insights and experiences. 

    The event kicked off with a dynamic panel discussion featuring Patricia Giménez, Software Engineering Manager; Gaia Flor Ludovico, Technical Account Manager; Maria Vidal, Software Engineering Manager and Lucia Rodriguez, HRBP and Professional Coach.

    The panellists shared insights into leadership, recounting personal experiences and discussing the challenges and rewards of managing teams in the tech industry.

    They touched upon topics such as embracing change, overcoming hurdles, and the importance of accountability in fostering professional growth. 

    After the presentation, the floor opened up for a lively Q&A session where the audience engaged in discussions that sparked even more insights. The atmosphere crackled with positivity, empowerment, and encouragement, turning the event into a vibrant dialogue on the pivotal roles women play in tech leadership. 

    And the excitement didn't end there. Following the Q&A session, participants dove into an invigorating networking session. The room buzzed with energy as attendees connected, shared experiences, and built new connections in the spirit of collaboration. 

    Ariadna Trueba, WomenTech Network's local leader, expressed her appreciation, saying, "Thanks to New Relic speakers for the empowering message they transmitted. It's hard to find women able to explain their own experiences and talk about how difficult it is sometimes to scale up in the career path. I enjoyed listening to them and how they encouraged the audience by answering all the related questions. Women need more events like that." 

    For those who were captivated by the team and atmosphere at New Relic's offices, you can explore job opportunities at New Relic here. This event wasn't just a celebration; it was an invitation to be part of a workplace that not only values but also celebrates diversity. 

    A special thank you for everyone that joined this inspiring event. Stay tuned for more exciting events in Barcelona. Join our local WomenTech community in Barcelona on Linkedin.