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    San Francisco, California - 21st February, 2023 — WomenTech Network, a global community dedicated to inspiring women to succeed in technology, and New Relic, a leading technology industry provider, announce their strategic partnership aimed at empowering women in the tech industry. This collaboration brings together two influential organizations committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and professional growth for women in technology.

    New Relic has long been dedicated to creating safe spaces and advocating for a vibrant and diverse community of women in tech. Through initiatives such as Women@New Relic and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), they have championed gender equality in the workplace.

    This new partnership will focus on providing broader access to mentorship, training and career development opportunities for women in tech. WomenTech Network and New Relic will also work together to create a global network of female professionals who can share their experiences and knowledge with each other through the Women in Tech Global Conference, local events, and professional development programs.

    "We are thrilled to partner with New Relic as this collaboration will enable us to support women's growth and leadership even further," said Anna Radulovski, CEO and Founder of WomenTech Network. "Our partnership with New Relic will expand the WomenTech Network's reach to thousands of women worldwide, creating a stronger and more inclusive tech community."

    "As a company, New Relic is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse environment for all members of our team," said Anna Kurto, Talent Acquisition Manager at New Relic. "We believe that fostering a culture that values different perspectives and experiences helps to drive innovation and move the industry forward. We are proud to partner with WomenTech Network in support of women in tech and are excited to see the positive impact of such efforts on the industry as a whole." 

    The collaboration between WomenTech Network and New Relic will also focus on solutions to boost representation among leadership positions within organizations. Together, they will develop strategies and facilitate policy creation for women advancing towards executive roles, engage in end-to-end talent management strategies such as learning and development activities, and create employee success stories across industry verticals through best practices developed through ERGs Incentivization programs and scholarship initiatives. This partnership is committed to producing a future of global gender equality enabled by diversity & inclusion parameterization around the world.

    About WomenTech Network

    WomenTech Network is the world's leading community for women in tech with more than 7,000 Global Ambassadors representing 172 countries. 70,000 tech leaders have collaborated with the network to date in order to cultivate a diverse global network that reaches 3.5 million people. WomenTech Network strives to empower women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs. WomenTech Network hosts regular career networking events and a global tech conference for members to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about job opportunities at leading companies that value diversity.

    More information is available at our website or via [email protected]

    About New Relic

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