Women in Tech Circles

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

WomenTech Circles are supportive networks for women in tech, emphasizing professional growth, mentorship, and networking to encourage leadership and inclusivity in the tech sector.

WomenTech Network empowers women in tech with career advancement opportunities and equips companies with tools for fostering diversity, ultimately bridging the gender gap in the technology industry.

Ready to make a difference in the tech world? Become a WomenTech Circle Leader or join an existing Circle today! 

Become a WomenTech Circle Leader

WomenTech Network supports Circle leaders by providing comprehensive resources, training, and a supportive community to ensure their success in leading and nurturing their groups. This includes access to leadership guides, tools for effective meeting management, a platform for networking with other leaders, and ongoing support for addressing challenges and enhancing the impact of their Circles.

Join a WomenTech Circle

Joining a WomenTech Circle offers a unique opportunity for growth and connection in the tech industry. It's a space where you can network with peers, gain mentorship, enhance your skills, and find support in a community of like-minded women in tech. By participating, you'll also have the chance to develop leadership abilities and gain diverse perspectives, all essential for advancing your career in tech.

WomenTech Circles for Companies

Elevate your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts by partnering with WomenTech Network. Support your female tech professionals in joining existing Circles or in starting a new one within your organization. Embrace this chance to make a lasting impact on gender diversity in your tech teams and the industry.

If you are a woman in tech or anyone who understands the value of tapping into this talent, join, follow, support, and amplify WomenTech Network.

Mariah Lichtenstern, Founding Partner at DiverseCity Ventures

Joining WomenTech Network as a Professional Member was a natural choice for me as a woman who is just beginning her career. Through the organization, I am able to actively contribute to discussions about different careers in STEM, network with amazing women and allies, and learn from those who are working towards similar goals as I am. It’s a great opportunity for me to make a meaningful impact and connect with like-minded individuals. The resources, connections, and opportunities I’ve been introduced to have not only affected my career growth, but my personal growth as well.

Rachel Wang, Technology and Information Services Intern at Enbridge

I joined WomenTech Network as a Professional Member for various reasons: I love connecting with like-minded individuals in the tech industry, supporting women's advancement in technology, participating in global events and discussions related to diversity and inclusion, and being part of a community that fosters collaboration and mentorship. For someone who values networking and personal growth, the most enjoyable aspect of being part of the WomenTech Network is the opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries. 

Kristina Maria Brandstetter, Head of the Communication and Transformation department at AustriaTech

I joined WomenTech Network as a Professional Member because of its global reach. I am hoping not only to grow my network but also to collaborate and learn about the state of women in tech in other countries. I have enjoyed a lot catching up virtually with the talks and sessions in prior conferences, and experiencing the breadth of topics and expertise in the community as well as the international perspectives.

Eva Cruz, PhD, MBA, FRM, Founder and CEO at Quant DI

It's incredible how fast I was introduced with new career opportunities at leading global companies after joining WomenTech Network as Founding Member. I'm happy to be part of this community and highly reccomend it if you want to develop your career and grow your network!

Jovita Kazemekaityte, Java Software Engineer

I highly recommend joining WomenTech Network, a community that welcomes not only women but also allies. No matter what stage you are at in your journey towards learning, inclusion, or leadership, this network is the perfect place to be. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is crucial to learn how to navigate and lead through every change. WomenTech Network provides valuable resources and a supportive community to help you stay ahead of the curve. Join us today!

Suba Vaseduvan, Vice President at Meta

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