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Gender Pay Gap in the Tech Sector: Comparative Statistical Insights and Implications

The gender pay gap remains a problem in the tech sector, among many others. For all the progress made in the fight for pay equality, statistics still point to unequal treatment of employees based on...

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The Role of EdTech Startups in Transforming Traditional Education

Education has long been anchored in traditional methods, often revolving around textbooks, blackboards, and a one-size-fits-all approach. But just as technology has revolutionized how we communicate...

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Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship

Scholarships for women in tech are far more than mere acts of goodwill or "free money." They have evolved into a crucial instrument for bridging the gender gap in the technology sector. Scholarships...

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WomenTech Network and EY Go Hand in Hand to Advance Tech Inclusion

WomenTech Network, a global community dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology, announces a strategic collaboration with EY , a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and consulting...

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Women Tech Entrepreneurs: Success Stories and Lessons Learned

The tech industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation, driven by the increasing presence and influence of women. Despite comprising only 26% of the computing workforce, women are launching...

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Tech Jobs: Advice for Women

When applying for tech jobs, a well-crafted cover letter can make a significant difference. It’s like an elevator speech opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the...

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Navigating the Path to Product Management: Insights from Carnegie Mellon's Alumnae

Curious about the secrets behind successful product management careers? Our latest virtual event with Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, offered a deep dive into the product...

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Essential Skills Women in Tech Need for Future-Proofing Their Careers

As the tech landscape continually evolves, women in tech face unique challenges and opportunities. Future-proofing a career in this dynamic field requires a blend of technical proficiency, soft skills...

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Top Talks on Continuous Learning from Previous Editions of WTGC

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and ever-evolving professional landscapes, continuous learning has emerged as a cornerstone of success and resilience. The Women in Tech Global...

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Spotlight on Thought Leadership: Top 10 Contributors to WomenTech Network's Community Articles (2024 Q2)

In celebration of the remarkable talent and dedication within our community, we are thrilled to highlight the top 10 contributors to WomenTech Network's community articles. These exceptional...

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Women in Tech New York City: Product Innovation in Fintech

On June 27, 2024, the vibrant heart of New York City became the stage for an empowering event, "Women in Tech New York City: Product Innovation in Fintech," hosted by TheGuarantors. This in-person...

Blog authors

Anna Radulovski

Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg TV, Entrepreneur, Fortune, CNET, DW, Anna is a frequent speaker at large tech and business events like WeAreDevelopers World Congress, WEBIT, EBAN Summit, DrupalCon and more. Anna Radulovski is an award-winning entrepreneur, mother, and advocate for diversity in tech. She is the Founder and CEO of WomenTech Network, Board Member at Coding Girls and Executive Women in Tech (EWIT) and Regional Director at Founder Institute. Passionate about building communities, startups, and innovation, Anna is dedicated to creating a more inclusive tech industry that encourages women's success as leaders.

Angelina Buchvarova

Angelina Buchvarova is a Senior Community Marketing Manager at WomenTech Network. She has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing domain and specializes in developing communications strategies for high-growth startups and tech companies. Angelina has a Master's degree in Creative and Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick, UK and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from Lancaster University. She is passionate about helping women succeed in STEM careers, writing and identifying creative ways to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive tech ecosystem.

Alina Shcherbyna

Alina Shcherbyna is a seasoned professional in the fields of marketing and project management with 10 and 7 years of experience, respectively. Throughout her career, she has developed skills in team building, motivation, and employer branding. She considers her dedication to mentoring and development assistance to be one of her most important attributes, as it has allowed her to help others grow and progress in their professional lives. One of her most fulfilling projects was building the largest female tech community in Ukraine and bringing it to the international market with participants from 13 countries and growing. She lives by the values of equality and diversity and aims to make a positive impact in everything she does. With her experience in managing teams of over 100 people, she feels confident in her ability to lead, motivate, and inspire others to reach their goals.

Helen Orgis

Helen currently works as a Senior Manager at diconium, whilst also acting as a Sidepreneur, providing advice to startups and B2B companies on marketing and go-to-market topics. With a particular passion for Green & IndustryTech, she finds building meaningful partnerships that positively impact people and the environment to be highly enjoyable. Recently, she graduated from the MIT Sloan Executive Program on Corporate Strategy. Balancing her career aspirations with being a mother of twins, she openly shares her personal strategies for successfully managing both responsibilities.

Roja Boina

As an Engineering Senior Advisor, Roja provides data-driven and strategic solutions to customers using Data Engineering tools and technologies like Apache Spark, Python, Databricks, SQL, and BI tools like Tableau on cloud platforms including AWS. Her passion is to dive deep into the ocean of data, extract insights, and use Analytics for social good. She shares the knowledge and experience gained in her learning process through her speaking events and writing for well-known tech blogs. Roja won the Mentor of the Year for 2022 with Women in Data.

Rebecca Appleton

I'm an award-winning journalist and head of Dakota Digital , a boutique digital PR and copywriting agency.

Melonie de Guzman

Experienced project manager with over 17 years of experience delivering full-scope projects across global enterprise-level brands in media and web development. Proficient in Project Management and Agile processes, standards, and tools; skilled in leading cross-discipline teams in a remote asynchronous environment. PMI and SAFe certified with excellent verbal and written communication skills. In addition to managing high-performing teams, I am dedicated to mentoring women in technology. I have had the privilege of delivering international keynote speeches and facilitating workshops, furthering knowledge sharing and empowerment on a global scale.