Local In-person events 2024

    Across the globe, our Local In-Person Connect Summit made waves in New York, London, Berlin, Toronto, Barcelona, Munich, Kraków, Limassol, and beyond, with over 2,928 dynamic attendees! Participants enjoyed engaging panel discussions, were moved by inspiring personal stories, and seized unparalleled networking opportunities.

    New York: Chief in Tech Dinner 
    In the heart of NYC, the Chief in Tech Dinner provided a unique opportunity for executive leaders in the tech industry to come together and engage in meaningful discussions. VP and C-level executives from leading companies gathered to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge career-boosting relationships.

    The Chief in Tech Dinner in New York exemplified the summit's broader mission of empowering women in tech and facilitating impactful networking opportunities at the highest levels of industry leadership. As we reflect on the success of this event and the summit as a whole, we are energized by the momentum and commitment to driving positive change in the tech sector.

    Women in Tech London: 

    In London, Kin + Carta hosted an illuminating panel discussion that showcased inspiring career narratives from women in the tech industry. This engaging session offered attendees a glimpse into the personal and professional journeys of successful women, providing practical guidance and inspiration to aspiring professionals seeking to navigate and excel in the tech landscape. Through candid storytelling and shared experiences, the panelists highlighted the challenges they overcame, the lessons they learned, and the strategies they employed to thrive in their careers. 

    Women in Tech Toronto

    The event in Toronto, hosted by Rangle.io, offered attendees a unique platform to connect with like-minded peers, exchange valuable experiences, and establish meaningful relationships within an empowering setting. Participants were immersed in a captivating discussion that delved into "The Future of AI-Powered Healthcare," shedding light on the profound ways AI is revolutionizing women's health and femtech. The session not only explored advancements in AI-driven diagnostics and personalized medicine but also underscored the potential of AI technologies to enhance patient care and empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. 

    Women in Tech Berlin

    HelloFresh hosted an engaging and thought-provoking event in Berlin centered on inclusive leadership within tech teams. The panel discussion not only emphasized the critical role of women in driving diversity and inclusion within technology companies but also underscored the broader significance of inclusive leadership in cultivating innovation and collaboration. Attendees gained valuable insights into best practices for promoting diversity, fostering inclusive workplace cultures, and harnessing the collective strengths of diverse teams to drive meaningful innovation and achieve business success. 

    Women in Tech Barcelona

    Ocado Technology hosted an insightful and inspiring panel discussion in Barcelona centered around "Women in STEM Leadership," which highlighted the invaluable contributions and experiences of women leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The panel delved into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in these traditionally male-dominated industries, shedding light on their groundbreaking achievements and leadership journeys. Attendees gained insights into the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and shaping the future of STEM fields.

    Women in Tech Kraków

    In Kraków, hosted by Relativity, attendees engaged in a dynamic discussion with remarkable women from Relativity's Poland team, exploring diverse career journeys within the legal technology industry. The event provided a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights into the experiences and challenges faced by women in tech, inspiring and empowering aspiring professionals. Additionally, the event featured an engaging technical talk focused on AI and big data challenges, demonstrating Relativity's innovative approach and leadership in leveraging technology to drive advancements within the legal sector. 

    Women in Tech Munich:

    Hosted by Userlane, the Munich event focused on "Leveraging AI in the Workplace," delving into how AI is reshaping work environments and emphasizing the importance of raising expectations for results in a tech-dominated era. The panel explored strategies for maximizing AI's potential while fostering innovation and empowerment. Attendees gained practical insights into integrating AI effectively, optimizing workflows, and empowering employees to leverage AI as a tool for innovation and enhanced decision-making. This event exemplified the summit's commitment to advancing technology while prioritizing human-centric values in the workplace.

    Women in Tech Limassol:

    In Limassol, Adsterra, with the support of Aleph, hosted an enlightening panel discussion centered on "Elevating Employee Well-Being." This engaging session delved deep into strategies aimed at enhancing both productivity and happiness within the workplace environment. The panelists shared valuable insights on the vital connection between employee well-being and overall business success, emphasizing how fostering a culture of well-being can drive innovation, collaboration, and employee satisfaction.

    Each event was a powerful statement of our collective commitment to empowering and advancing women in technology. Attendees left feeling inspired and motivated, ready to make a real impact in their fields with new insights, connections, and opportunities.

    As we look ahead to the Women in Tech Conference 2025, the momentum generated by these events serves as a powerful catalyst for further progress and innovation within the tech industry. Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to champion women in tech and reshape the future of technology together.