Calgary, Canada - August, 2022 — WomenTech Network, a global community dedicated to inspiring women in technology, announces a strategic partnership with Enbridge Inc., a leading energy infrastructure company. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and fostering inclusivity within the technology industry.

    Enbridge Inc., known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, has been actively working towards creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Through this collaboration, Enbridge and WomenTech Network will join forces to empower aspiring women leaders in technology and provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement.

    "Enbridge's core value of fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment is an ongoing priority," said Melissa Moye, Chief HR & Inclusion Officer at Enbridge.
    ​​​​​​​"Our people are our foundation. Encouraging diverse perspectives is essential for creating a safe environment, driving innovation, and advancing our industry. We are proud to collaborate with WomenTech Network to support women in STEM and make a positive impact on the industry and its people."

    The partnership will entail various joint initiatives, including mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, and networking events. WomenTech Network will actively promote Enbridge's commitment to gender equality and diversity, showcasing the company as a leader in the industry. 

    "WomenTech Network is delighted to partner with Enbridge Inc.," said Anna Radulovski, CEO and Founder of WomenTech Network.
    ​​​​​​​"Enbridge's dedication to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering women in technology. Together, we can create meaningful change and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable industry." 

    As part of this collaboration, WomenTech Network and Enbridge will leverage their networks, resources, and expertise to create lasting opportunities for women in the technology sector. By working together, they aim to inspire and support women in pursuing successful careers, while fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the industry. 

    About WomenTech Network 

    WomenTech Network is the world's leading community for women in tech with more than 8,000 Global Ambassadors representing 172 countries. 90,000 tech leaders have collaborated with the network to date in order to cultivate a diverse global network that reaches 3.5 million people. WomenTech Network strives to empower women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs. WomenTech Network hosts regular career networking events and a global tech conference for members to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about job opportunities at leading companies that value diversity. 

    Learn more about WomenTech Networks' events and programs at www.womentech.net

    About Enbridge 

    Enbridge Inc. is a leading North American energy infrastructure company that transports, generates, and distributes energy across the continent. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Enbridge delivers reliable and sustainable energy solutions to its customers. With a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, Enbridge is dedicated to fostering a culture of equity and empowering women in technology.