boston consulting group 2024 women in tech report at the conference

    Get a first look at the BCG's 2024 Women in Tech report in detail with Neveen, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group. Neveen, a pioneer and Yale's sole female Computer Science BSc graduate of her era, will unveil vital insights into closing the tech industry's gender gap.  


    When: April 23-25, 2024 

    Where: Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 

    Neveen will delve into the firm's extensive research involving over 6500 tech professionals across five countries, focusing on gender-specific trends in GenAI adoption. With 13 years at BCG and leading the Women in Technology initiative in North America, Neveen brings a wealth of knowledge on digital, data, and tech empowerment, offering high-level strategies for leaders to support GenAI adoption with a keen eye on gender equity. This session promises to be a cornerstone in understanding and addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that GenAI presents for women's career advancement in tech. 


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