Meet Top Women in Tech in San Jose

    Nestled within Silicon Valley's technological epicenter, San Jose is a vibrant hub where innovation thrives, yet with only 25.8% of tech workers being female, there's a pressing need to amplify women's voices in tech. In this blog post, we'll spotlight the remarkable women shaping San Jose's tech landscape, celebrating their achievements and advocating for greater diversity and inclusion. Join us as we champion change, support each other, and work towards a future where every woman in tech in San Jose has the opportunity to shine brightly and contribute her unique perspective to shaping the world of tomorrow.

    Anitha Doppalapudi, Global Data Head (Enterprise Data Products, Platforms, Engineering & Governance) at Paypal

    Anitha Doppalapudi is passionate about data strategy and innovation, she excels in monetizing data potential, creating value through innovative data products, and leading high-performing teams. Anitha is known for her expertise in designing and implementing data strategies, fostering diverse and collaborative teams, and driving results through a data-driven culture.

    Anjul Bhambhri, Senior Vice President, Platforms at Adobe

    Anjul Bhambhri, a seasoned executive with 30+ years in enterprise software development, excels in launching tech ventures within established firms, driving global growth and revenue. With expertise in business leadership, technology, and industry influence, she's renowned for engaging Fortune 500 clients, shaping modern tech landscapes, and being a prolific speaker at global conferences and media platforms.

    Archana Rao, Chief Information Officer at Unity

    Archana Rao, a modern IT leader with 20+ years of experience, specializes in scaling corporate systems and driving transformational change. She excels in M&A, global delivery models, and building customer loyalty. Passionate about technology, she's dedicated to solving complex business problems through innovative solutions.

    Carmen Maierean, VP EPD Strategy & Operations at Pinterest

    Carmen Maierean is a seasoned Program and Product Management leader with 20 years of experience. Passionate about aligning product efforts with business strategy, she excels in defining and launching products that excite customers and drive measurable results.

    Jayashree Atre, Vice President, Technology at Walmart Global Tech

    Jayashree Atre is a tech industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, passionate about leveraging technology for transformative change. Adept at leading high-performing teams, she thrives in fast-paced environments, driving strategic roadmaps for business growth and customer satisfaction.

    Jenna Cline, VP, Head of Enterprise Technology at Atlassian

    Jenna Cline, VP and Head of Enterprise Technology at Atlassian, is experienced in strategic leadership. Skilled in translating business needs into technical solutions, she excels in driving IT product performance and fostering innovation. With a focus on collaboration and team building, Jenna is dedicated to creating exponential impact and a culture of continuous improvement.

    Kari Ann Briski, Vice President AI Software Product Management at NVIDIA

    Kari Ann Briski is a thought leader skilled in translating complex ideas into innovative solutions. With expertise in product management and software engineering, she excels in defining market models and driving product differentiation. Known for her leadership in building high-performing teams and implementing agile methodologies, Kari Ann is committed to driving impactful outcomes in technology and software development.

    Kate Bergeron, Vice President, Hardware Engineering at Apple, Inc.

    Kate Bergeron boasts nearly 20 years of industry experience in consumer electronics manufacturing. With a background spanning mobile and Mac design, she leads product manufacturing while lecturing at MIT's D-Lab, focusing on technology for impoverished communities. Kate holds degrees from MIT and the University of Colorado, Boulder, including an MBA from MIT Sloan.

    Katty Coulson, Vice President Information Technology at NetSuite

    Katty Coulson, an executive with 22 years of experience and former regional CIO for Americas at Cisco, excels in supporting sales, engineering, and service delivery organizations. She drives business operations, partners effectively with stakeholders, and delivers measurable results on critical initiatives. Committed to community, she promotes STEM education.

    Kelley Yohe, Director, Data Science and Engineering - Growth Product at Netflix

    Kelley Yohe, a strategic international executive with 23 years of experience in Digital, Banking, and Data Technology, excels in leadership, technology innovation, and customer experience optimization. Passionate about leveraging data to drive meaningful customer interactions, she has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams and delivering measurable results. 

    Kira Wetzel, Global Head of Analytics Engineering & Industry Analytics - Creators & Content at Meta

    Kira Wetzel is a results-driven leader known for developing and implementing data products and fostering collaborative, innovative environments. With a talent for building high-performing teams and driving 0-to-1 data solutions, she emphasizes inclusivity and empowers individuals to excel. Kira's strategic mindset and inclusive leadership style consistently deliver exceptional results and inspire others to reach their full potential.

    Lakshimi Duraivenkatesh, VP, Buyer Experience Engineering at eBay

    Lakshimi Duraivenkatesh is an experienced leader excelling in Engineering and Product Management, with a strong focus on aligning business strategies and fostering innovation. Skilled in building and managing high-performing teams, she brings extensive expertise in eCommerce, Search, Consumer experience, and Monetization. Lakshimi's specialties include leadership, talent development, agile methodologies, and solving complex engineering problems.

    Linh Lam, Chief Information Officer at Jamf Software

    Linh Lam is an IT executive known for leading digital transformation, driving revenue growth, and fostering inclusive team cultures. Recognized for her leadership, she excels in building high-performing teams, developing strategic technology roadmaps, and delivering complex solutions for global organizations. 

    Lúcia Soares, Partner - CIO and Head of Tech Transformation at The Carlyle Group

    Lúcia Soares drives global technology strategy, leading transformative initiatives. With a background spanning Johnson & Johnson and Health2047, she excels in driving revenue growth and cost optimization through technology. Lúcia holds an MBA from San Jose State University and completed Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

    Madhu Kochar, Vice President, Product Development at IBM

    Madhu Kochar, a seasoned executive with over 23 years at IBM, currently serves as Vice President of Product Development, leading automation initiatives in IBM Software. With a rich background in product management and cloud operations, she drives innovation in data and AI lifecycle automation, consistently delivering value to enterprise clients.

    May Wang, Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Networks

    Dr. May Wang, CTO of IoT Security at Palo Alto Networks, leads AI initiatives in cybersecurity. Co-founder of Zingbox, acquired in 2019, she pioneers AI-based IoT security solutions. With a Ph.D. from Stanford, she's recognized for her contributions, including the 2023 Women in AI Entrepreneur award.

    Mindy Lieberman, CIO at MongoDB

    Mindy Lieberman, a seasoned engineering executive, brings over 25 years of experience in IT architecture, and analytics. With roles at MongoDB, Peloton, Okta, and Salesforce, she excels in strategic analysis, execution, and process engineering. Mindy's expertise spans from software engineering at Berkeley Systems to her current position as CIO at MongoDB, showcasing her versatile leadership in the tech industry.

    Monica Kumar, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme Networks

    Monica Kumar, with over 25 years in technology, champions empathy in leadership, distinguishing between managing and leading organizations. As a recipient of accolades like 2017 Powerful Women of the Bay, she's dedicated to empowering women in business and STEM. A seasoned CMO, she excels in sales strategy, product-led growth, and fostering diversity.

    Padmaja Tyada, Vice President, Software Engineering at Experian

    Padmaja Tyada is a results-oriented software technology executive with extensive experience in cloud transformation and engineering program delivery. With a solid technical background, she excels in orchestrating cross-functional teams and driving technology strategy. Specializing in mobile apps, enterprise systems, and cloud solutions, she has a proven track record in architecting scalable solutions and delivering complex projects.

    Rohini Pradeep, VP, Product Engineering at gusto

    Rohini Pradeep is a seasoned technical leader with 20+ years of experience, adept at architecting scalable systems and leading agile teams. From startups to large corporations, she excels in collaborating across all levels, resolving critical issues, and delivering under pressure. With expertise in Java, Spring, and mobile development, she's a team-builder and motivator, known for creating world-class products.

    Roshin Joseph, Vice President Of Product Development at Visa

    Roshin Joseph, a seasoned leader with 20+ years of experience, currently serves as Vice President at Visa, leading architecture, development, and product teams. With a background spanning Visa, Cybersource, Siemens, and IBM, she excels in software development, product management, and team leadership, driving innovation and growth in the technology sector.

    Seena Ganesh, Head of Marketplace Ecommerce Technology at Nike

    Seena Ganesh is a versatile leader with a proven track record in technology, product, and business roles. With extensive experience in Fortune 100 companies and a focus on customer-centric solutions, she excels in driving digital transformation, launching innovative products, and building high-performing global teams. Skilled in strategic planning, negotiation, and conflict resolution, Seena is adept at navigating complex business landscapes and delivering results.

    Sharon Mandell, Chief Information Officer at Juniper Networks

    Sharon Mandell is a seasoned technology executive with over 20 years of experience across various industries. She has managed software development and technology operations in media, communications, and software sectors. Passionate about supporting women in STEM, she serves on Computer Science Advisory Board at Temple University.

    Sumitha Poornachandran, Director of Engineering at LinkedIn

    Sumitha Poornachandran, with 15+ years in engineering leadership, excels in crafting scalable solutions driving business growth. As LinkedIn's Director of Engineering, she oversees the DataLake Organization, scaling it to 100+ individuals. At Lyft, she spearheaded the Experimentation and Business Metrics Platforms.

    Tanya Vlahovic, Head of Engineering, 3P Ecosystem Experiences at Intuit

    Tanya Vlahovic, a seasoned technology leader with 20+ years' experience, specializes in API strategy, integration models, and developer experience. Known for orchestrating cross-functional teams and evangelizing developer programs, she holds multiple patents for innovative API solutions.

    As we conclude this exploration into the world of top women in tech in San Jose, it's evident that their influence extends far beyond the confines of Silicon Valley. They serve as inspirations to aspiring technologists worldwide, embodying the spirit of innovation, resilience, and inclusivity. Their journeys remind us that success knows no gender and that diversity is not just a buzzword but a catalyst for progress. As we look towards the future, let us continue to celebrate and amplify the voices of women in technology, for they are the architects of tomorrow's digital landscape.