Lisa Milani Women in tech global awards 2023

    Reflecting on My Journey

    Reflecting on your recognition as a Women in Tech Global Awards 2023 winner, could you describe your journey to this achievement in your specific award category? What does this recognition signify for you personally and professionally, and how does it encapsulate your contributions to the tech industry? 

    Receiving the Women in Tech Global Awards 2023 is a profound honor, symbolizing my journey from a childhood dream to breaking gender barriers in the male-dominated tech industry. Personally, it validates years of dedication, while professionally, it highlights the value of diversity in technology. This recognition represents my commitment to empowering women in tech, showcasing my contributions, and emphasizing the importance of mentorship for future generations.

    Tech Industry's Most Rewarding Aspects

    In your experience, what is the most rewarding aspect of working in the tech industry, and how has it influenced your career path? 

    The most rewarding aspect of working in the tech industry, in my experience, is the dynamic nature of the field. Technology is continually evolving, influencing every aspect of our lives. This constant change allows me to stay on the frontline of technological advancements. Unlike tying myself to one specific industry, working in tech enables me to collaborate with Fortune 100 companies, span across various industries, and engage with diverse customer segments. This versatility has profoundly shaped my career path, providing a fulfilling and ever-evolving landscape that aligns perfectly with my passion for staying at the forefront of technology. 

    My Tech Career Milestone

    Could you share a defining moment or a key achievement in your tech career that has been particularly impactful or meaningful to you? 

    A defining moment in my tech career stems from my academic foundation, holding a BS in Management Information Systems and an MBA with a concentration in Information Technology. This educational background has uniquely equipped me to comprehend a wide spectrum of technologies. The impact of this foundation is evident in my versatile career, where I've seamlessly navigated diverse roles encompassing sales, strategy, go-to-market, operations, and alliances. This "jack of all trades" approach has not only been a key achievement but a source of meaningful impact, allowing me to contribute effectively across various facets of the tech industry. 

    Empowering Women in Tech: Career Advice and Tips

    From your experience, what essential advice and practical tips would you offer to women aspiring women in tech to establish a successful career? 

    My advice to aspiring women in tech is rooted in fostering a supportive community. In an industry that can be challenging for women, it's crucial to build each other up rather than contribute to the difficulties. Always be kind and supportive to fellow women in tech; your brand follows you throughout your career, and the tech community is surprisingly small – everyone tends to know everyone if you stay in the field long enough. I've witnessed instances where women step on each other to advance, but I emphasize that this is unnecessary. Collaboration and encouragement create a stronger, more inclusive tech environment where everyone can thrive. 

    Who would you recommend to join the WomenTech Network, and why?

    I met many very impressive women leaders at the last company I was with.  Each of these women listed embodies professional leadership and 100% supports other women: Katie Obi, Cristy Ziegler, Allyson Holbrook.